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Candice VanWye

8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Blog

If you're starting your first blog (or fifth) I'm sure there are a million thoughts running through your head. It can be overwhelming especially if you don't know where to start but it's not impossible. Before you stress yourself out too much take a minute to...

Candice VanWye

Candice VanWye

It feels like everyone is starting a podcast, right? Well, go ahead and add me to the mix. The Podcast It's called The Creative Millennial Podcast because that's what I am. I'm a millennial navigating this thing called life while trying to live and create as much as I...

Kisha Smiley

Society Wants Me to Hate My Name

I once read an article that discussed the results of an experimental study completed in regards to discrimination in the workplace. It was revealed that applicants with non-ethnic names were called back 5 times more than those with ethnic names to move forward in the...