The Membership Area

We can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

Something Better... Something New

I'm working really hard with a team of talented black women to make a new membership area that's going to be better than before. Take a look at what's coming below and contact us with any suggestions or if you'd like to pitch in. I'm really excited for everything that's coming!


Candice VanWye


We'll be rolling out courses on things like Photoshop, Lightroom, HTML, Branding, Photography, and more. Are there any particular courses you'd like to see? Contact us to let us know.

Facebook Group

A private group where we'll be focused on weekly accountability, idea creation, and personal connections with each other. You'll find your blogging besties here for sure.

Self Care

Ask questions and get feedback from a licensed therapist . This is NOT medical advice but hopefully you’ll be inspired and seek to put self care first.

Stock Photography

There are great options now for stock photography featuring women of color and we're adding more to the mix. You can submit photos now if you're interested in contributing your photography.

Ask The Bloggers

A private podcast where your personal questions will be answered by our Founder and other bloggers in the community. This is the perfect time to test your ideas and get feedback.

Notes From An Attorney

Each month members of the community will have the chance to ask an attorney specific questions. This is NOT legal advice. It's up to you to retain legal counsel when needed.


Each member is entered into a monthly drawing to receive a free 60 minute blog and branding session with Candice VanWye, Founder of Brown Girl Bloggers. There will be 2 winners each month.

Video Conferences

Each month we'll be joined by an influential blogger, entrepreneur, or women with an amazing job to talk about life, love, and business.

Writing Prompts

No more writer's block. Each week members will receive writing prompts to help generate blog post ideas. We'll share the best responses on social media.

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