10 Things To Know Before You Start Blogging For Profit

Making money from your blog probably sounds like an amazing idea and I bet blogging full time sounds even better. I’m not a full time blogger but I do work for myself full time and I work with bloggers on their blogs all the time as well. The one thing I’ve learned is that blogging is not an easy job. Below I want to share a few things you should keep in mind before you quit your job to blog full time. These can all be applied to general entrepreneurship as well.

Building A Successful Blog Takes Time

If you think you can just walk in here and make all the money think again!!!

Just kidding, but seriously…

You aren’t going to start making money right away. If that was your dream then I’m sorry to bust your bubble. You’ll have to work and pay your dues just like the rest of us before you see success. Most people who are now full time bloggers (or entrepreneurs) started their blogs or businesses while working full time. That’s probably the approach to take if you can’t afford to have little to no income in the beginning. If you can afford to have little to no income I say go for it full time if it will make you happy. My opinion is the minority so take it with a grain of salt and do what’s best for you.

Of course there are exceptions to every rule so maybe you’ll write something viral and be an instant success.

You Will Have To Run Your Blog Like A Business

I wrote about this before but it can’t be said enough. You’ll have to worry about always putting out content, finances, expenses, etc.  You have to be extremely dedicated and motivated even when you don’t want to be to become successful enough to blog full time.

Your Income Will Always Change (Sometimes Drastically)

Some people can’t handle this so make sure you factor it in before you quit your job to focus on your blog full time. Some months you’ll make a lot of money and other months you might barely scape by. Make sure you’re saving or that you have a backup plan.

Networking Is Really Important

I’m always talking about networking so I’ll keep it short. If people don’t know who you are then they won’t be invested in helping you build your brand. One thing a for profit blog needs is brand advocates who will spread the word. Make sure you go out there and find yours. Networking is also a good way to create media opportunities for your blog.

Traffic Doesn’t = $$$ And Neither Does Your Social Media Following

There are bloggers with 5,000 monthly page views who make thousands of dollars each month through their blog. While it may be hard not to focus on the numbers make sure you’re focusing on the people who are actually reading your blog now. Give them good content and turn them into customers.

Focus On Engaging Your Audience 

If your audience is responsive and engaging there is no limit to how much money you can make. Show your audience that they should purchase the items in your shop or that they should buy your book. If they believe in you and your expertise you’ll excel at this blogging thing.

Time Management Is Key

I set and alarm to do most tasks these days. If not I’ll end up focusing too much or one thing and not enough on another or worse I end up not focusing at all. Make sure you do what you have to do to stay on task and manage your time efficiently.

You Will Not Always Want To Blog

I’ve forced myself to write many a day when I didn’t want to. I think some people believe full time blogging is this magical job that they will always love which isn’t the case. Sometimes you’ll want nothing more than to lay in bed and pretend your blog doesn’t exist but you’ll have to fight that urge to give your audience awesome content and keep them coming back.

You Will Always Need To Evolve

Just because you’re a popular blogger today doesn’t mean you’ll be popular tomorrow. You need to create other money streams. I don’t know of a rich man with only one source of income. Do you?

Tax Time Is The Devil 


I’m not a full time blogger but as I said I do work for myself full time and tax time can really break you. I recommend hiring an accountant and leaving it in his or her capable hands. They’ll find plenty of write offs and deductions that you would have missed.

Do you want to blog full time? What would you add to this list?

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