10 Tips To Help You Prep For 2015

2015 is right around the corner and if you haven’t started preparing for the New Year you’ve come to the right place. Don’t allow poor eating habits and gift shopping stress you out. The holidays are joyous time for us to connect with our love ones, give thanks, and celebrate life. Once they’re over we relax, reenergize and get prepared to start the New Year full of anticipation, hope and renewed purpose. We all want to start on the right foot when coming into a New Year right? If your follow these tips and are completely honest with yourself I can guarantee things will work.

Set realistic goals with deadlines for yourself.

Let’s not lie to ourselves with unrealistic fantasies we want to occur, but don’t work for. Start small with realistic be achievable goals with deadlines. Soon after you’ve achieved your goals celebrate your success. Every small win is still a win. Stay focused and get ready to tackle the next goal.

Move On!

You wouldn’t sit your muddy boots on your nice newly polished floors would you? Doubt it, so don’t bring any baggage or negativity into the New Year with you. Try to find peace with whatever caused you pain in the past as you enter a new life chapter. Realize that baggage will weigh you down and the best thing to do is to surrender it, vent about it, or even see a therapist to help you rid your past.

Create a vision board!

Vision boards are an awesome tool to help you visualize your future and serve as a commitment to your action plan. A vision board is a great way to center your goals, aspirations and desired life. You can set up your board in a few different ways focusing on your past as refection, your current lifestyle, and where you see yourself in exactly one year. The photos and words you cut out and paste on represent intentions and are meant to focus attention or wishes for finances, career, relationships, home, spirituality or a number of other subjects.

Stop Procrastinating!

“If not now then when?”

Get organized!

Organization is definitely the key to success. Make time to sort and go through all of your personals. If it seems to over whelming to tackle alone, Babble offered a wonderful guide to helping you get organized and prepared for the New Year.

Other ways to prep for 2015:

Start a blessing jar.

Create a self-care ritual.

Make more time for the people you love.

Invest in your hobbies.


Always remember that we are all a work in progress but we must actively work in order to see positive results in life. All of the tips above will help you to decide what you want to achieve in your life, separating what’s important from what’s irrelevant or a distraction and will keep you motivated. The road to complete happiness and wellness isn’t a simple path but supportive blogs like this one make it a lot easier.

What are you doing to get ready for 2015?