15 Blog Post Ideas For Days When You Can’t Think

Not being able to think of a blog post idea is the worst! I absolutely hate when that happens to me and so I’m always jotting down blog post ideas to help me when I’m stuck. Here are 15 from my list.

  • Outfit of the day
    • This is self explanatory and pretty easy if you have a style or beauty blog. 
  • Product Review
    • Keep it in your blog’s niche. No makeup reviews if you have a photography blog. 
  • Success Stories
    • Is there someone you love who you think deserves recognition? Tell us about them. Try to choose someone a little less popular but anyone will do.
  • Mistakes
    • Have you made a mistake in blogging or life and learned from it? Everyone loves a good triumphant story. 
  • Tips & Tricks
    • How do you get you under eye concealer to stop creasing or write a post in 5 minutes? 
  • Behind The Scenes
    • Admit it, you love to see what your favorite bloggers are up to on a day to day. You should show your readers what an average day in your life is like even if you don’t blog full time because it’s just plain interesting. 
  • How To’s
    • Show us how you do that amazing thing you know how to do. You know the thing. The thing!!!!
  • Lists
    • This post is the perfect example. Keep your list interesting and useful. 
  • Useful Apps
    • Have you seen those What’s On My iPhone videos on Youtube? It would be cool to show your readers your favorite apps. We all have smartphones and tablets these days. 
  • Book Reviews
    • Brown Girls read you know. What have you been reading lately?
  • Rants
    • These should be done sparingly but we all have that one thing that annoys the crap out of us. 
  • Pros & Cons 
    • Review a product or service and tell us the good, the bad and the ugly. 
  • Things you don’t know about me post
    • Tell us that weird thing about you.
  • Opinion Pieces
    • What do you think about a popular event that just happened or something big in the news? Having these every now and again, no matter your genre, will interest your readers. 
  • Share you goals
    • Next week on June 1st the first ever Brown Girl Bloggers Link Up is happening. It’s about us holding each other accountable and getting shit done. Make sure you join.  
This will probably be a regular series here on Brown Girl Bloggers because we all need a little inspiration every now and again. Don’t forget to share your blog post ideas in the comments and use the contact form if you want to contribute! 


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