3 Natural Hair Blogs To Check Out

Let’s admit it, Brown Girls are obsessed with hair. It doesn’t matter if it’s straight, wavy, curly or kinky we want to talk about it, experiment with it and buy way too many products for it.

Today I wanted to highlight three natural hair care blogs on our blogroll. If you know of any other brown girls who blog about hair (natural, relaxed or curly) let us know in the comments. 
Huntress Locs
This blog is full of information specific to sisterlocs. I haven’t come across a lot of blogs like this that are as informative and not also focused on other types of natural hair. 
Valley Fontaine 
This site gives a different and more technically view of a natural hair journey. She didn’t big chop and she explains why along with other tips and tricks to help you grow your natural hair. 
Hunney B Flyy
We always want to follow the gorgeous girls with beautiful hair. This blog is full of hair styling tips, product reviews and twist outs. Portia loves her twist outs. 


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