3 Reasons You Should Have A Contract As A Blogger

Let’s jump right into it shall we.

So That You Always Get Your Money

Just this week I received money owed to me since December 2013. You read that right, I received money from last year in June of this year. When I started working with the client that owed me money earlier in 2013 I didn’t have a contract in place so he thought he could screw me over. Thankfully I had things from him in writing that allowed me to get my money back but it could have been worse. If you’re working with a brand or another person when it comes to your blog or your business you need to sign a contract so that they can’t make up figures when it comes to giving you your money.

So That You Are Safe From Lies

Without a contract a client or brand can say your promised them things that you did not. They might say you promised three articles when it was only two. They might say you promised a ROI of $500 when you made no such claims. They might even say you wanted to work for free. You really can’t underestimate people in business so it’s best to protect yourself.

So You Look More Professional

Clients or brands will take you more seriously if you have a contract in place. It shows that you have a business mind and you’re taking what you’re doing seriously. This worked wonders for me. When I first started in business I seemed like this little girl who didn’t know what she was talking about until I pulled out the big guns like a well written proposal and a contract. Make yourself look smart.

Don’t take the above advice and think you have to make some crazy complicated contract with big words to impress people. On my personal blog I have a sample contract you can download. If you have any questions be sure to ask.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. Do you have contracts when you work with brands on clients?

  • TC’s Views

    The contract link has dissappeared

  • I have learned to always draw up a contract. Even–and especially– when dealing with friends and family but it’s essential every time. When you are verbally discussing a project, so many things can get lost in the fray, and then when you have a personal relationship with someone, they can feel slighted when they feel you owe them more than what you do. However, in the graphics and interior projects I have worked on, it helps for everyone to know what is expected of them.

    Also, in a bind, emails can still count as contractual evidence. If I meet with someone I always try to follow up with them by email so that we can have our agreements in writing.

    Great advice, here Candice! (yeah, I’m lurking)


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