How Much Is Too Much When Sharing With Readers?

I follow bloggers from all walks of life with small audiences, big audiences and audiences somewhere in between. While I’ve noticed that a lot of style bloggers don’t write anything I’ve also noticed that some ladies get personal. I mean detailing their marriage and income personal.

I struggle with what I should or should not reveal on my personal blog.

Because I blog about entrepreneurship I sometimes want to share financial successes and milestones a la Pat Flynn and Michelle but I wonder how that will impact me. People that I know read my blog and I don’t know that I want them in my business like that.

Sometimes I want to share more about my relationship but that scares me as well because one thing I’ve learned in my short 23 years on this earth is that no one should know everything about your relationship except you and your man.

I can’t say what is and isn’t too personal as I think it’s up to the person but I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

What is your line when it comes to sharing personal things on your blog?

  • Tuesdai Noelle

    My Motto: My space. My place. My pace. In other words, whether you want to be personal, evasive, fast-forward, or secretive, you have EVERY RIGHT TO. I never understand this “I can’t say what I want because I’m worried about what other people will think and say” when it comes to my personal thoughts and opinions that I want expressed within the wall of MY property. When I first came online back in 2008, cyber bullying was one of the things that taunted me daily: this was not even from my personal blogs (at the time), but on other blogs I visited frequently. Now, cyber-bullying is a thing of the past that I pay no mind. People can’t see you through your screen and words are JUST words when someone doesn’t even know who you are. I’m not defined by “keypad opinions.” So, I say: say what you and how you want.

  • I agree. There are a lot of sad evil people looking to pick bloggers apart for being humans.

  • Jade

    I’d like to be more personal on my blog but there are predators and hatful people but in reading the previous post im a struggling blogger looking to find my way and am having issues receiving feedback from followers and visitors.


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