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Today I have the honor of featuring Erica from She is one of the few bloggers who considers herself a personal blogger over lifestyle, fashion or entertainment. Her blogs are word heavy and thought provoking and I thought she was someone we should all get to know better. Show her some love on the interwebs. 

What inspired you to write your first post? — Wow, my first post on my blog was actually a poem called Recipe for Sex. I just started getting back into my spoken word/poem groove and I don’t know what happened or what was about to go down, but I wrote it, loved it and published it. 
Why do you want to share your life and thoughts with the public so intimately? —Well, first off, I don’t think there are many people who classify themselves as “personal bloggers” and for that alone, I love doing what I do which is writing about some very intimate, personal experiences. I believe we live in a world where people are very critical of what others think about them and they kind of refuse to open up and share parts of them, but I think it’s beautiful talking candidly about the very things that made you into who you are right this moment. There’s something incredible in struggling to write a post, not from writer’s block, but from reliving something painful, publishing and having someone leave a comment or email a story in how they could relate. You don’t feel so alone anymore and that’s why I write – to connect.
How did you come up with your blog’s title? —Good question because people think my blog is about the liquor E&J but I’m a red wine-kinda gal so that’s definitely not what my platform is about. It’s just my initials and obviously, everything, well almost everything, that happens in my life. Pretty simple.
Is there a message in your blog’s content that you want readers to grasp? —I never thought about this until I actually found my voice in my writing, and so my message to my audience is to simply embrace the things that you have gone through, because everything that happens is to make you better, not bitter. I love the quote, “we can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.” It’s all about perspective and while it’s human nature to be down, distraught and broken about breakups, job losses, friendships that have failed, whatever, sooner or later you see that those things needed to happen to mold you into being a better person to yourself, a better partner for someone else, a better businesswoman in the long run, etc.
If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor? —There are SO many but if I had to choose one it would be Bené Viera. I’ve been following her on Twitter for a few years now and I’m sort of obsessed with her style of writing and how she puts her words together and gets her point across. I’m a secret stan and she loves Nas so that pretty much solidifies everything.
Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? —New authors, no. New bloggers, yes. I’ve come across a lot of amazing women who are just now starting up blogs and are fairly new to the blogosphere through #BlackGirlsWhoBlog and #BrownGirlBloggers so that’s what my interest is in right now. I’m finding lots of great content. (whoop!)
What is your regular job? —My unpaid, yet priceless job is being a mother to two toddlers, ages four and five but from 9-5, I work for New York City’s transit system. 
Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members. —Outside of family members, meeting other bloggers, online or in-person, has been my biggest support since 2009. Tyece of Twenties Unscripted just wrote a great post on authentic support in the blogging community and I think that people believe that it’s all about competition and trying to be better than the next but really, with the support you receive from these women who also do what you do, it’s about just networking and vibing with one another and growing together. I’ll take women building each other up over women competing and breaking the next person down, any day.
Do you see writing as a career? —I actually went to school and majored in English with creative writing as a concentration so I definitely see writing as a career. It’s been a passion for almost twenty years that I hope will come with some paychecks one day but in the mean time, I’m fulfilled in just blogging on my space and on other sites for now.
If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything about your journey as a blogger? —In this very moment you’re asking me this, no. I needed to create everything EnJ and have it just a big ass mess with me not really knowing what it is I wanted to do on my blog and the direction I felt it should go in. Me coming into my own and again, finding my voice when I did came at the right time as a writer and as a woman. I rarely do it but looking back at old posts, I see all of this growth in a girl who became a mom in her early twenties, trying to figure out how this relationship-and-playing-house thing works and I’m so, so proud of myself and my journey. It’s been an interesting thing to have documented.
What was the hardest part of writing your blog? —Before, the hardest part in writing my blog was making that transition from what it initially was, which was a ball of randomness and literally everything, to making it strictly about my life and being real about it. I didn’t know how receptive people would be to it and how my “day one’s” would react to such a huge leap in direction but it went well and my audience grew and feeling like I was being welcomed with open arms made everything a little easier for me when writing from that point, out.
What have you learned from blogging? — The things I’ve learned from blogging are 1) do what works for you. There are way too many rules on blogging and I think following all of these things to the T will have you confused and copying everyone else instead of standing out on your own which is so important as a blogger. 2) Support those who support you. Hell, support those who don’t even acknowledge you. I @ a lot of writers I follow on Twitter and I’m 99% sure none of them have even read my blog, much less went to my bio on my account but I continue to follow them and support their work and endeavors because I love what they do. Karma is real and what comes around, goes around so if I want people to give me a thumbs up and a pat on the back here and there, I dish out what I eventually want to receive.
Do you have any advice for other bloggers who don’t focus on style and beauty? —For all of the writers who don’t focus on style and beauty, don’t give up and keep on writing. Personal bloggers aren’t always acknowledged and we don’t always make it to the forefront, but keep giving the world, you. Someone out there is reading and is grateful for your words that may have gotten them through another day, stopped them from doing something or uplifted and inspired them to do something. Please know that your words matter because I was once that young woman who read that one thing that pushed me forward and kept me believing. 
Do you have anything specific that you want to say to the readers? —Thank you to everyone who has continued to support everything EnJ, who has allowed me to write on their space or feature me on their blog. There probably won’t ever be enough thank you’s. My blog has come such a long way and I still have a while to get to where I need to be, but it’s because of the women and men who reach out and share their personal stories that keep me motivated in continuing to share mine with you all. Don’t let anyone dim your light. Don’t let anyone diminish your truths. Don’t let anyone make you feel lesser than because of what you been through. It’s all apart of the plan…
Last but random question. Do you have siblings? — I have two siblings, one little brother and one little sister. Hey guys!
If you’re in the New York Area check out her event called “What Binds Us Together: Blogs x Brunch” on August 9, 2014! Spaces are limited, but email her for details. The official flyer will be up on the blog in two weeks!
I love this girl and am so glad I got the chance to feature her. EEEK! 


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