Commonly Used HTML Tags And What They Mean

As bloggers it’s inevitable that we learn a little bit of HTML. I know HTML because I took a class in college where the professor made us build a website. Can you believe I thought it was going to be easy! I made the most basic website and it was a struggle!
Thankfully with WordPress and Blogger templates we don’t have to make our websites from scratch but most of us probably want to go in and customize them a bit. I’ve had this chart since I took that class a few years ago and thought I would share it with you.
Something that isn’t mentioned in the chart is colors. To customize the color of an element of your template you’ll want to search for # and then a six letter or number combination like the ones below.
#ffffff (white)
#000000 (black)
#ff0000 (red)
To find the hex code for a certain color use the power of google. Google “hex code for brown” or “hex code for teal” until you find the perfect color! 
Also keep in mind that:
  • Hard returns, extra space and tabs are ignored by browers when using HTML
    • I usually space things so that it’s easier to read but your browser doesn’t recognize spaces unless you separate them by paragraphs <p> or breaks <br>
  • Tags are classified as container tags or empty tags. Container tags are turned on and off and they contain information. For example: <b> Hello</b> will make the word Hello bold. 
  • Empty tags like this: <br /> break a line of text. 
Hope this helps. 
<HTML> …. </HTML> Hyper Text Markup Language
<HEAD> …. </HEAD> The head, or prologue, of the HTML document
<BODY> …. </BODY> All the other content in the HTML document
<TITLE> …. </TITLE> The title of the document
<P> Paragraph
<BR> Line Break
Horizontal Rule
Thickness (in pixels)
Width (in pixels)
Width Percent (as a percentage of page width)
Solid Line (without the 3D cutout look)
<!- . . . -> Comment
<A> . . . </A> Links the current HTML file to another file.
href= Hyper Text Reference
<LI> List
Organized List (“LI” before each list item)
Unorganized List (“LI” before each list item)
Definition List
End Definition List
<IMG SRC=> Image Source
Strong Emphasis (usually displayed as bold)
Emphasis (usually displayed as italic)
Block Quote (usually indented)
Typewriter (displays in a monospaced font)
Preformatted (display text spacing as-is)

Start Table
Table Row
Table Data
End Data
End Row
Ends Table.


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