In Blogging: Patience Will Get You Farther Than Quitting

I have a theory. I think many bloggers give up because they expect to publish their first blog post, get one thousand hits and become internet famous over night. I think some bloggers believe they’re style is the best, the most unique and that they slay! I think some bloggers KNOW they’re words will inspire and light fire under people’s asses. They think they will be asked to speak at colleges and events and have this glamorous life in one month.

(Can you tell I’ve been watching Scandal this past week? Imagine one of the characters reading that paragraph all fast and what not. Right, right? I’ve been inspired. LOL) 

Unfortunately, that is not how blogging works. That isn’t how marketing works and that isn’t how Public Relations work.

Of course there are exceptions. There are bloggers who blow up in months and Youtubers who post their first video and get tons of subscribers in a matter of weeks but that isn’t the reality for most of us. We are the rule not the exception.

Something that I don’t think bloggers understand is that they have to find their audience. That’s the reason people always tell you to blog because you love it first and for income second.

If you don’t know a thing about marketing or have a PR strategy no one is going to read your blog at first. You’ll be doing it as an outlet or as a way to get your thoughts out of your head. Not for popularity.

Eventually you’ll find your audience. You will network on Twitter, you will attend events and you will work with brands. It will not happen overnight or in a month and it might not happen in a year but it will happen.

Something else to think about is that you may never become a very popular blogger and this may never be your only job. Even if that’s the case you’re still giving something to the world that no one else can give and someone is reading your blog even if everyone isn’t.

What are your thoughts on this subject ladies?

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