Do you #followback or Buy Followers

I have a very strong dislike for #teamfollowback and people who buy followers. Twitter and Instagram should be used to build your brand, follow people you admire, follow people who’s ideas you’re interested in and follow people you want to know. These two networks are not the place to rack up followers that don’t care about what you post.

Well, that’s my opinion anyway. Feel free to disagree.

When you engage in the above practices it creates an imbalance on your account that shows to anyone looking at it. I know this because I’ve viewed a lot of Twitter and Instagram profiles in the past two weeks while preparing this site for launch and after launching.

It’s really sad to see a blogger with 3K followers and only10 likes per picture. Where did these followers come from? I actually saw a profile with several thousand followers where several pictures had 1 like. 1 LIKE! Who are the people that followed this profile and why did they follow it if they don’t care about the content she posted? Don’t get me wrong, you’ll always have ghost followers but they should be free. You should have to do anything for them. You should be more concerned about engagement not follows.

As a blogger one of the main reasons we promote ourselves through social media is to get click throughs to our blog. Do you really think a 35 year old indian man cares about your shoes? What about that blogger who’s just looking out for herself? They don’t care. You need to connect with people who do.

The few times I’ve followed someone without checking their profile or simply because they were another blogger has lead to disastrous results in my timeline. They either post too much, tweet about things I don’t care about or post 100 pictures of their dogs. That doesn’t enrich my experience on these networks at all.

I follow people who’s ideas I care about whether they follow me back or not. I do not unfollow if they don’t notice me. I try to create an engaging timeline and follow people who inspire me and I’m encouraging you to do the same.

Don’t get too caught up in the numbers because having a lot of followers doesn’t always translate into page views or likes. Sometimes it makes you look lonely.


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