Do You Have A Blogging Schedule?

I see so much advice about blogging everyday and one piece of advice that I see floating around all the time is that you should have a schedule.

A lot of people in the community say you won’t be successful if you don’t stick to a posting schedule but I don’t know if that’s true. I personally keep a schedule because it’s the only way I can keep my life and career on track but that doesn’t mean it’s the way you have to do things.

It’s not like I’m an expert or anything but here are four reasons why you might not want to keep a blogging schedule.

Life gets in the way.

Some bloggers have spouses, kids and a 9-5. It just isn’t realistic that they can post five times a week or even once a week every week. That doesn’t mean you should use life’s curve balls to blow your blog off but sometimes it can’t be helped. Don’t beat yourself up about it if you miss the blogging train every now and again or if you can only post irregularly.

Some of the most popular bloggers post whenever they damn well please and people still read it. 

If a blog has amazing content people are going to come and look at it whenever you post. Some of the most popular bloggers post very sporadically and their audience is huge. Some of my favorite bloggers post every blue moon but I’m the first to read whatever they post. You’ll have loyal readers whether you’re a regular blogger or not.

Growing your audience is a slow and steady pace and pumping out tons of content that isn’t genuine won’t make people flock to you.

Like I said before I try to keep a schedule but sometimes I’m very uninspired to write. Often times this ends up working in my favor because my lack of inspiration makes a great subject but sometimes I just call it a day and pick back up whenever I’m ready.

If your blog is your outlet vs your income it doesn’t matter.

I think that speaks for itself. If you do this for fun and you really don’t feel like taking pictures or writing that day, don’t. Relax, refresh and wear that same outfit next week!

Btdubs I thought of this post because I was staring at my computer trying to decide what to write for today and I was just about to say f*ck it and go read a book. Inspiration strikes at the last hour sometimes.

What do you think? Should bloggers keep a schedule no matter what or should they relax on it? 

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  • Danielle James

    I like the idea of relaxing and posting whenever you have good, new content. If your content is good, your readers will read it. And you want to write something that makes sense and it engaging, vs something you feel pressured to put out to stay on schedule.



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