Do You Read Blogs Out Of Obligation?

A Twitter convo that I had with Tyece of Twenties Unscripted inspired this post. She tweeted:

Bloggers: any of y’all have people who were all over your blog and then just vanished?
— Twenties Unscripted (@tyunscripted) June 23, 2014

I replied and it started this whole internal dialogue about how I used to read blogs and watch Youtube videos when I didn’t like the content or the content.

I was reading certain blogs and watching certain Youtubers because they were popular or they had said something nice to me.

I was viewing their content out of obligation not because I cared.

I realized that I was doing something really unhealthy when I did this.

One day I had to ask myself why. Why was I reading reading blogs or watching videos if I didn’t care for the content? I really didn’t have an answer but once I realized what I was doing I made a choice to stop.

I went on a purging spree. I unfollowed everyone who’s content I didn’t care about and unsubscribed from Youtube channels and blogs I didn’t want to see.

Since doing that (about a year and a half ago) I’ve grown into a much more positive person, although I’m still a work in progress.

There is just no need to breed that type of negativity into your life.

So today I’m going to challenge you to think hard about the content you view online. Are you supporting other bloggers because you care or because you’re obligated to? If your answer is the latter, just stop.

Don’t read their blogs, follow them on Instagram only to ignore the like button on their pictures and don’t read their tweets.  I think you’ll have a much more positive blogging journey that way.

It’s not that these bloggers aren’t amazing people. It’s just that they deserve better than someone sending negative energy their way. If it doesn’t touch you or inspire you or even if it makes you feel jealous STOP!

I went back and forth about whether or not I should post this since this blog is all about supporting each other but if we’re honest we know that everyone won’t like everything we do.

A NOTE: In the case of this blog I am objective. I will share everything because it’s about support, love and community. I know that many people are interested in things I may not be interested in.

What do you think about today’s discussion? Would you want people who don’t care about your content to stop following you or do you just want the numbers?

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