Do You Want To Have It All At 21

A few days ago there was a tweet going around from a girl who said she wants to have it all at 21.

I don’t remember the exact tweet but it went along the lines of owning her own business, having a car and living on her own.

It sparked an interesting conversation on Twitter.

If you’re over the age of 21 think back to what you wanted at 21 and how you thought your life would look now. Do you have it all? Are you even close? Has your idea of “it all” changed?

What is having it all?

I think it’s hard for teens and young adults to understand that what we want from life is a very fluid thing.

It constantly changes.

What you thought you wanted at 15 isn’t the same at 19 and that changes by 21.

It’s very naive to think you’ll have it all by a certain age because that’s not how life works.

Life works by changing you. You experience things. You fall in love and out.

You get into your field and realize you hate it.

You become an entrepreneur and realize that it doesn’t work for you.

You evolve.

Of course some of us achieve great success at a young age and get everything we’ve always wanted. It’s best to remember that nothing in life is perfect. It’s all give and take. Positive and negative.

That’s my opinion anyway. What do you think?

  • I always thought I want to have it all by 25 . . . before I may possibly experience my first 1.4 life crises lol. The older I get (I’m 24 now) the more I realize I just have to relax and roll with the punches. So much has changed in my life over the last year that I was starting to give my self anxiety thinking that I wouldn’t be where I need to be at 25. I still feel that way sometimes but I believe that it just human nature.

    Maggie A


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