Does Your Blog Have A Facebook Page?

Good ol Facebook. Remember when it was the best social media network? The place you logged onto as soon as you woke up and right before bed to see what your friends were up to? The cooler Myspace?

I remember those days but sadly those days are long gone. Now I only log onto Facebook when I’m bored or to update family and friends back home about my life. It definitely isn’t a social network that I spend a lot of time on so naturally I don’t connect with brands through Facebook that much either.

It doesn’t help that Facebook has changed their algorithm so less people see what’s being posted on business pages. Lately I’ve been contemplating shutting down the Facebook page for my personal blog as well as the Facebook page for this blog. I’ve done nothing to promote either page and I don’t post regularly because sometimes I forget.

I would love to have an amazing Facebook page where we talk and conversate but the reality is you probably wouldn’t see most of the posts.

I’ve been telling most of my clients to try and migrate their Facebook likes to other social media networks and more importantly to their email list. For most small businesses it just isn’t worth the effort because you have to pay money to promote your page and once you get those likes it cost even more money to promote posts so that your fans see them.

I can’t really be mad at Facebook for wanting a little more money but I can decide that it isn’t for me and move on. Since most bloggers are getting little to no interaction through Facebook and most of us do this as a hobby or earn a very small source of income I don’t think Facebook pages are worth it.

I’ll probably be shutting two pages down soon.

I did create a Facebook group for Brown Girl Bloggers while writing this post because that might be a better way for everyone to connect with each other, ask questions, share ideas. Etc. Not to promote their blogs. (Don’t join if you think it’s a bad idea btw.)

Or we can just stick to Twitter and Instagram (If you aren’t following may I ask why?)

What do you think? Is Facebook completely dead or does it work for you?

  • I like facebook, I spend a lot of time on Facebook reading news and culture articles and I have found lots of interesting blogs through fb, I think fb is great and it is still the most used social network out there

  • Melchee Johnson

    It’s dead for me right now, closed my personal account last Nov, and since I started blogging in January, I haven’t reopened it. I don’t see the point anymore, and I enjoy Twitter and Instagram way better. We’ll see… Thanks for this!


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