Editing The Pictures For Your Blog

Last week I wrote about the places on the web where you can get free high quality pictures for your blog. This weekend I received a few questions about picture editing which I thought would make a good post.

I use a combination of Photoshop and Picmonkey to edit pictures here on BGB and over on my personal blog and I’m a very lazy picture editing. You can do way better than me.

If you don’t have the money to buy Photoshop you have the option to purchase it for a monthly fee of $19.99 instead of buying it outright.

If you don’t have photoshop and have no plans to purchase photoshop then Picmonkey is an awesome alternative. It’s free (except for a few upgrades) and I use it  more than I do photoshop because it’s easy and right on the web.

On Picmonkey you can edit images by adjusting things like exposure and brightness, adding text and adding filters. Go check it out.

A few tips I’d give for working with Picmonkey are:

Get Creative With Text

When adding text use two lines. I like to use a thick display font for the top line of text and a handwritten or more dainty font for the second line. I think this makes things look more interesting. Here is an example.

Of course you have to use more than two lines sometimes but breaking up the text in someway gives your picture more depth. 
Use Overlays
When you’re using something that has a background, unlike the picture above that I created from scratch, you can always add overlays so that your fonts stand out. Like the example below. 
Basic Edits Are A GODSEND
The effects and the basic edits can go a long way to making your pictures stand out if you took them in low light or want to edit them. For example. 
Right Clicking Brings More Options
This one is self explanatory. 
Photoshop Notes
I use photoshop for the fill bucket or creating clipping masks like the logo for this blog and the social media icons on the side.
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Leave your photo editing tips and tricks in the comments for other BGBs to see. If you’d ever like to contribute a post that you think will help other Brown Girl Bloggers feel free! 


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