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I think I’ll make this a little series. If you think you have tips to contribute to it email me at

Yesterday I wrote about having patience as a blogger because becoming a successful blogger doesn’t happen over night. I don’t consider myself very successful when it comes to blogging just yet but I do know a thing or two about communicating and marketing as I have a degree on the subject.

I haven’t promoted my personal blog much because I haven’t had the desire to. I’ve been using it as an outlet and a way to promote my career offline and it’s done a lot for me in that regard. These days I’m thinking about promoting it a little more but I don’t know that I have the time or energy.

I create content and promote brands for a living and now I have this site so doing tons with mine doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. Thankfully I love my blog and am happy with the readership over there.

I’m saying all of that to say that even though I don’t promote my blog I know how to promote blogs. I want to give you a little tip today that might help you gain more followers on social media and in turn bring readers to your blog.

Something you can do if you want to promote your blog to a larger audience on social media is find a brand or person who shares your target audience, a segment of your target audience or who has your target audience as a segment of their target audience and see who follows them.

Vet their followers and look for three things

  • Are they your target audience?
  • Will they be interested in your posts/business?
  • Are they using social media currently?
If the answer to every question is yes you may want to start a conversation with this person or follow this person. Whatever you do don’t spam them with your content. This is the quickest way to get blocked and/or ignored. 
If you genuinely think they will be interested in your blog/content/business they will notice once they check out your profile or once they start following you and read your tweets. If they don’t convert to followers then you might have made a mistake and you can try again or find someone to help you with your strategy.
What are your tips for building a social media following?


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