5 Time Saving Tips For Bloggers

Write Ideas Down As Soon As You Think Them

I use my phone’s notepad to record post ideas as soon as I think of them. Once I have some time to think or when I’m planning my editorial calendar I decide which ideas I want to actually write about and go from there. It saves a lot of time because I don’t usually run out of ideas. Sometimes I do but it’s rare.

Create An Editorial Calendar

Speaking of editorial calendars… make one. It’s so important. There are plenty of tools online and on your computer that you can use so there’s really no excuse. It helps because when you’re busy and it’s time to blog you sometimes pull a blank. That’s when having ideas already come in handy. I personally keep a non virtual calendar but it doesn’t matter.

This is my editorial calendar with all the important stuff blanked out! Ha!

Schedule Posts

I do this everyday. You never want to forget to promote your blog posts so don’t. I use tweetdeck.com and ifttt.com and they are lifesavers.

Curate Content

This means share interesting things with your audience whether it’s posts from other bloggers, a study you read or a really funny picture. That way you don’t have to constantly come up with content and you’re the go to person for interesting news.

Interact Periodically

When you work full time, have a blog and have a host of other things to do replying to comments can be tough. However, it’s important to do it at least twice a week. Get into the habit of checking your comments every other day or on certain days of the week.

What are your time saving tips for other bloggers?


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