Blogger Spotlight: Amelia & The Queen Movement

I’m a little bit biased on today’s feature I will admit because Amelia is a Soror of mine. I actually didn’t know this until after I had asked her to be featured on the blog but still…

I love the positive message she’s trying to get out through her blog and the passion she puts behind it. After reading this feature head over to her blog and support.

Why did you start your blog?

I started my blog out of a moment of transition in my life I am originally from Baltimore, MD and I made the decision to move to Houston, TX in September 2014 with no job and no true direction. I told myself that I was going to expand on things that truly interest me. I had all these ideas coming to me at once and need a place to document them. Also I needed a creative outlet for myself, I am naturally a very creative person but I got so caught up in Corporate American and life after college I started to lose touch and my blog was a way to write down my vision and help my brand come to life.

How long have you been blogging?

I have only been blogging for 3 months my blog has been live since May 3, 2014

Has blogging lived up to your expectations?

I have set very high expectations and as of today I am still very new to blogging and developing my brand and I have a lot of work ahead of me. However I am getting new followers weekly and I post on a consistent basis.

What message do you want the world to get from your writing?

My number one message I want the world to get from my Blog is “Nothing Will Work unless you Do,” Maya Angelo. Through my journey I want to show my readers how important it is to invest in yourself and if you have an idea just run with it. Don’t let insecurities and doubt kill your dream. Finding your purpose in life is a privilege that a lot of people don’t get fulfill, so I believe that when you are called to do something you must rise to the occasion. However this most likely will be the hardest task you will ever encounter but that is when you need to just trust your journey and take the time to invest in yourself and make your dreams happen!

How do you balance your full time job and your blog?

The balance between my full time job and my blog has been an easy transition because I have a lot of freedom at my job and I have used my experience in moving to Houston and my new position as AmeriCorps VISTA* in my writing. I often work on my blog at work in my spare time.

Explain the Queen Movement.

The Queen Movement is literally my brain child I have poured all my creative juices into this project and I have so many big plans launching in the near future. But just too briefly explain my vision The Queen Movement is an online social media campaign, the goal of this movement it to redefine the social media presence for women of color and eradicate the miss reputation of women of color. I want to replace ever negative/derogatory word used to describe women of color on social media with the word QUEEN!

I want women of color to realize the illustrious history that we have come from and not only demand respect but truly realize the power of words. I just think that so much of our generation is consumed by social media and this is the proper place to make a change so future generations will be more mindful of the things they post on social media. I plan to do this by developing hastags, a t-shirt line, online Queen contest, blogging, social affirmations and pledges and eventually Queen Academy catered to young African American women ages 13-17, and so much more.

What is your favorite blog post so far?

This one is a hard one for me I have two that I absolutely can’t decide between. The first is “First of the Month” I wrote this post on a Monday morning at the being of the month to help me stay focused. A few days after that I took the same post and made some edits to it and submitted it in the National Armature Poetry Competition and I just found out that my poem/post advanced to a semifinalist and I’m in the running for a 2,000 grand prize and I will be published this summer in a multi-volume collection of new and notable poets called Across the Way. My second favorite is a short story I wrote called “Making a Move” it really shows my style of writing and my goal for my blog and the direction I’m going in.

Is there anything else you want the Brown Girl Bloggers community to know?

I am looking for other black women in Houston that blog and I want to connect with them and also be a part of an upcoming photo shoot I am putting together for the Queen Movement T-shirt line!

Amelia Baines aka Storm is a 23 year only visionary from Baltimore, Maryland now residing in Houston, Texas. She is a graduate from the University of Maryland College Park with a B.A in Communication. Amelia is also a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated and believes through sisterhood and hard work we as a community can make changes and opportunities to help the next generation of strong black women. Other than being a notable blogging in the future she wants to pursue a career in radio production and PR, to date she has predicated in beauty pageants, produced and hosted fashion shows, spoke at student conferences, cotillion programs, a published poet and even anchored news programs.

Twitter: @STORM_ism
IG: Stormie_daZe19
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