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Happy Friday and last day of July. I hope you’re happy with this month and excited about the next. Today I’m bringing you the last Blogger Spotlight of the month and it’s Julie Thomas from

Why did you decide to start your blog?
I decided to start my blog to document my natural hair journey, love for natural hair, and my exploration of life’s beauty. 
There are so many black women with natural hair blogs. What do you think helps you stand out?
I don’t really compare myself to other bloggers. Everyone has their own unique approach to their blog. I treat my blog like my diary and share different stages in my hair journey. I like to have fun with my natural hair journey. I’m not as obsessed with length checks and hair typing. I love a good protective style, and I’m not afraid to play around with wigs. 
How do you balance your life and your blog?
As a newbie blogger I’m still learning how to balance everyday life and blogging. I work full time and participate in other activities so when I get home I’m drained and don’t really feel up to brainstorming, editing pics, etc. I’m now learning to “get in where I fit in”. A blog post can take me a few days to put together. I’ll do a little writing during my lunch, edit a pic or two before bed; until the post is completed. 
What advice would you give to women who want to start a blog as someone who is relatively new in the blogsphere?
Just start. Before I began I’ve always wanted to blog and didn’t know where to start. I held off because I wanted to have everything perfect before beginning; name, layout, etc. Until one day I just decided to launch my blog with one of the pre-made Blogger templates. Overtime I worked on the styling of my blog and I’m happy with the end result. You just have to put any fears that you may have aside and get started. Just remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day so it will take time to get to where you want to be. 
What inspired you to start your store Jay Dalen?
I’ve always wanted to have my own business. Jay Dalen was formerly known as Necessories which was an array of handbags and jewelry. About two years ago I rebranded into Jay Dalen, which offers handcrafted jewelry. I’ve been on a hiatus from the brand Jay Dalen, as I am in the stages of planning where I want to take the brand. I’ve learned that the art of jewelry making is rather time consuming and it doesn’t fit in with my other projects at the time being. I’ve often been asked what’s new with Jay Dalen and how it’s going and I’m not ashamed of stepping away from it or revamping it into something different. Life is all about risks and trying. I would rather say I tried something then to not have tried at all. You have to find what works for you. 
How do you want to grow your blog and online presence in the next year?
I want to grow my blog to inspire more women on the daily. I have a passion for helping people, therefore I would love to incorporate ways where I can inspire and uplift women as well as give back through my blog. I also want to incorporate more lifestyle posts. I don’t want to solely be known as a natural hair blogger. Maybe dabble into vlogs in the future. I just have to get used to walking down the street talking into my camera! Lol
Is there anything else you want the Brown Girl Bloggers community to know about you?
I’m a fun loving natural gal that loves God, French fries and cupcakes. I’m super silly and I love to laugh. I’m enjoying love and learning to see the beauty in every single thing. 
Julie Thomas is a 27 year old, native of Philadelphia, Pa. Natural hair and lifestyle blogger and co-founder of Those Natural Gurls, who hosted Philadelphia’s 1st International Natural Hair Meetup Day. 
Instagram: @juboolee
Twitter: @juboolee
Facebook: Those a Natural Gurls


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