Blogger Spotlight: The Two Voices Behind HYPESENSE

I’m so in love with today’s featured bloggers. I found their blog while building the blog roll for this site and I love that they focus on music. I’ve found several artists through these two women and Lynette is actually from my home state! Check out today’s feature and give these ladies some blog love!

How do you choose the artists and music to feature on your blog?

Lynette – Going to a music school really got me in touch with a lot of talented people, so I usually write about the fellow musicians that I know. I’m all for spreading the word. I’m also an avid Soundcloud listener and enjoy listening to stranger’s music.

Keiva – 
I usually find music through Soundcloud and other social networks. I even get recommendations from friends occasionally. I choose to feature artists that stand out with either their sense of style, sheer talent, or most of the time, a combination of both.  

What are your favorite types of posts to create for the blog?

Lynette – I like writing about music that people haven’t heard of before. I also like to indulge in random tidbits on the industry. HYPESENSE has a “Lifestyle” section that I find very appealing.

Keiva – I love introducing people to new music, or any new information, period. I get so excited when I discover a new favorite artist or song, so it makes me happy when I can do that for someone else.

What is it like to work in LA’s music industry?

Lynette – LA’s music industry is interesting. I’ve met a lot of people and there are all kinds of personalities here. One really has to use their discretion and pick out who’s serious and who’s BSing, though. For the most part, I love working in the LA music industry. I hope to be in it for many more years to come.

Keiva – I’ve learned so much from working in LA’s music industry. Similarly to what Lynette said, you will come across many interesting personalities and varying levels of talent. I will say that, just as with any major city, it pays to get out and network as much as possible. For the most part, the people that I’ve been fortunate to meet have been very receptive to collaborating on creative projects.

What inspired you to start a music blog together?

Lynette – Keiva called me one day about the idea. I thought it was great. She has a background in writing & PR, and I’m an expert on digital media and music theory. We both love music and it seemed like a perfect idea.

Keiva – Lynette and I have similar backgrounds and career goals, so it made sense. If there was anyone who would want to share this dream with me, I knew it would be her.

What are the best and worst things about sharing a blog?

Lynette – We work well together so there’s a lot of great things about sharing a blog. One of the best things is that between the both of us, we can come up with well-rounded content. If Keiva is having a busy week, I can write more posts while she takes a break, and vice versa. It’s also great sharing each other’s resources and contacts. The worst would probably be the few instances where our ideas clash but it always gets worked out. We’re friends outside of work so sharing a blog is not a problem for me.

Keiva – What she said. [LOL]

How do you split the responsibilities of the blog?

Lynette –  We both write our own posts but I handle the blog’s social media and website management. Keiva writes more than I do, but I make up for my lack of blogs posts by writing the social media posts. It kind of balances out.

Keiva – 
Communication and organization is key. We both have established roles based on our individual skill sets, but of course, one of us will step up and help the other when necessary.

What are your plans for the future of

Lynette – I want to bring on other bloggers to supplement the site’s content, so I can spend more of my time doing social media and boosting the site’s exposure. I also want to feature more indie artists and cover events. A HYPESENSE fashion line would be cool too.

Keiva – I definitely hope to grow the website to a point where we can put out more creative content across more platforms, like YouTube, for example. I would also like to begin creating more style-related content since fashion is another interest of mine.

Is there anything else you would the Brown Girl Bloggers community to know?

Lynette – Send us your music! We would love to hear from you: –>

Keiva – Hit us up @hypesenseblog! We’d love to connect with other bloggers in addition to artists, designers, and other creatives.  

Lynette Johnson is a professional social media specialist and bassonist who determined early in life that her life and career would revolve around the study and enjoyment of music. Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business/Management and Contemporary Writing & Production from Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. She has been working in the Los Angeles music industry for over 3 years and is the co-founder of HYPESENSE Blog, which helps bring exposure to Indie Artists.

Twitter: @ellegeejay
Instagram: @misslgj

Keiva – Keiva Davis is a freelance writer, media relations professional, and founder of HYPESENSE Blog. When she is not working, Keiva is out and about experiencing the music and entertainment scenes in both Los Angeles and New York City.

Twitter: @keivaalyssa
Instagram: @keivaalyssa


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