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I began blogging about a year ago. I knew I loved writing and at some point I realized it was important to share that with others. I started writing a book, which I intend to continue, but it wasn’t being written fast enough and became frustrating. I still wanted to share my writing with the world so one day, without knowing much about blogging, I wrote a post.
Although I’m learning my way, I’ve begun to realize that I should’ve done a little research. Had I known more, maybe I would have taken a few different avenues. 
Making connections and networking as a blogger is very important. Since blogging this past year, I’ve learned that. When you begin to go out and network with like minded people, not only do you gain a support group, you also gain exposure which can then lead to a larger audience. Having those who are going in the same direction and those who have gotten where you wish to be in your corner makes the experience easier. It’ll be helpful in your process as well as your progress. You’ll be able to receive the necessary tools through other people’s experiences. As you continue to network, you can receive opportunities that’ll lead to greater success for you and your blog. 
Consistency is key when it comes to blogging and trying to maintain an audience. If you’re not consistent in your postings there’s no way people are going to want to follow you. When I first began, there were weeks between my posts and I hadn’t built much of an audience at all. As I’ve learned and started posting at least once a week, sometimes more, my audience is now beginning to grow. They always have something to look forward to, because there isn’t a week that goes by without a post. 
The biggest thing to understand is that you won’t always get immediate results. Sometimes the process won’t be as fast as we anticipate. However, don’t allow that to cause you to give up. Keep pushing. Your hard work will payoff. Not always when you’d like it to, but believe that results will come. 
Lastly, in all that you do, be willing to lend a helping hand. As you continue to grow, don’t hesitate to help someone else. You know what it took for you to get to where you’ve gotten and reach a certain level of success, so pass that along with someone else. 


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