Instagram Add Ons

Am I the only person who thinks Instagram’s filters suck?

I don’t use them for my client’s businesses at all and I don’t use them personally.

Below I’m going to share a few apps that I do use in addition to Instagram.


This app has tons of editing options. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. There are more filters than Instagram and you can add filters on top of each other. There’s also an option to add light leaks to your pictures and there’s a fun twist on frames.

Cost: .99 and worth every penny.


This app is almost like it’s own Instagram but it has definitely attracted more artists and not the general public. The filter options are much better than Instagram and it’s free! It’s more sepia type filters and made for people who are a little different than your average “instagram model.”
This app is great if you want to write on your pictures and be able to customize the font and the placement of your text.
This app is for simple picture collages. For instance, when you want two pictures side by side or three pictures side by side. All of the collages come in different sizes which is the best selling point of this app. Sometimes you need a little bit more room for each picture in the collage and this app provides that. 
This app is even more simple than pic jointer. It’s the same concept but there are way more frames to choose from. 
This comes in handy when you have a picture that is too big to fit into Instagram. This app makes that picture a perfect square. 
Mirrorgram (not sure if you can download this right now)
This is great for creating mirror images and it doesn’t put a watermark on your picture like other apps. 
Photoshop on your phone! What else needs to be said?
Sometimes this is useful when you want to create an image with words but it’s so overused. I usually use notes but thought this was worth mentioning. 
Let us know your favorite Instagram add ons in the comments below. 


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