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In an effort to include more of the submissions I get sent I’ve decided to create a space on the blog for Brown Girl Thoughts. These guest posts might not be about blogging but they are written by minority women about something important to them. These posts are meant to spark discussion and debate as well as to help the author get their thoughts out into the world. I will not agree with everything posted but my job here is to create a space for minority women not police it with my opinion only. Leave a comment letting the writer know what you think. 

Post by Jenny of

In blogging I don’t see many people like me..
I mean sure some of us share the same interests and styles, hobbies etc but
I mean when you take a look around – you don’t see very many ‘mixed- kids’ (
bi-racial – black and white ) here.

It’s kinda been that way my whole life too. My mom is Scottish ( and
fully Caucasian at that) and my dad is from Barbados ( with dark skin ).

When I was younger, all I used to see in Scotland were white/Caucasian
people. When I was younger I had such a major problem with this.

You know when you want to play dress up and look like your mom – do your
hair like her, wear her makeup and shoes? In my eyes I didn’t look anything
like her – I even remember crying telling her I want to have blond hair,
blue eyes and be white.

In my opinion that would have made me ‘prettier’ or fit in more, or not make
it look like I was trying so hard when I tried to dress like my friends (
who were rake thin and pale and needless to say their styles didn’t suit my
skin color and naturally curvy body type).

 At my high school there were 2 students of ‘color’ and one African teacher.
Thats 4/900 – 1000 pupils. Needless to say I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I remember getting called nasty, hateful names too, but luckily I didn’t
hold a lot of flack for my ethnicity.

I’ve even found out that my mother’s parents had told her she’d have ‘a
black and white striped baby’ ( while she was pregnant with me ) and hated
her for being married to my dad for a long time.

Then I found out when I was born that they told my aunt I was an ‘acceptable
color’. I can only imagine how hard that was for her, but it reaallly didn’t
help me to ‘love’ my color for a long time.

In a way I felt like I would fit in more when I came to Barbados, an island
full of people who were like my dad… where white people were the minority.
I was wrong.

You’ve never even seen racism like colored/black people subject themselves

If you’re on twitter or instagram you’ve probably seen the hashtags
#teamlightskin and #teamdarkskin. In it’s self I think it’s SO ridiculous to
be judging people by what shade their skin is, and just shows the mental
scars left from the slavery days – where distinction by color was oh so

It’s common for guys here to try to ‘holla at me’/get my attention and call
me ‘Redz’. That’s not my nickname – that’s apparently what color of skin
people like me have. I’ve been told that I’m a ‘white-y’ even although my
skin is clearly not white, I’ve also been told that I have curves for a
white girl heck even one of the girls I used to hang with told me that I’m a
white girl trying to be a black girl.

I know that isn’t explicit racism, but I don’t know WHY we need to make
stereotypical comments like that, and to make distinctions among such a
diverse group of people.

The funny thing is after I spent so much of my life wanting to be white
I found myself wanting to dis-own my accent and my color
because people made fun of me when I got here. I just wanted to be a distinct race and fit
in. To not have a skin color that made me feel like an outcast where-ever I

My aunt once said that ‘you’re a very lucky girl. you have this beauty that
looks exotic wherever you may go’ and at that moment it made me want to cry
because all I wanted to do was sink into the crowd.

After living in both a majority white and a majority black/colored culture
I feel like I’m finally getting to accept who I am. I can’t say that there
aren’t both black girls and white girls that I look at and want to be like
them. But I’m getting over that stage where I’m jealous, or I really want to
change my skin color.

It’s only lately that I’ve felt like I got sort of the best of both worlds
getting features from both my mom and dad, and the opportunity to live 2
extremely different lifestyles. I’d love to help open the eyes of people and
to help other mixed girls to accept themselves, and not just those who are
mixed similarly to me, but anyone! After all, most people have at least 2-4
ethnicities within their family tree!”


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