5 Must Have Blogging Tools From Team #BGB

Drea: No matter what your job is, whenever you have a task to complete, there are specific tools that you keep handy to get the job done. This is no different when you’re a blogger.

Today, Candice and I have teamed up to give you a behind-the-scenes peek at what we each use to ready our blog posts.

Candice: I just want to say, Drea is way better at being a professional than I am. Sorry ladies, I want to lie and pretend like I’m not a little kid but…

Candice’s Blogging Tools 

1) Snacks: I can’t write on an empty stomach so the first thing I do when I’m about to write is eat a meal right before or put a few snacks on my desk. I get really cranky and unfocused without food so I make sure my belly is full. I also like to eat when I’m thinking. Am I the only one?

2) A Notebook: I write down every thought and post idea that comes to my head. Even if I jot it down in my phone I write it in my notebook later. My notebook is essential to me when I get into writing mode because it helps me generate ideas and I can write down other ideas I get while blogging.

3) Macbook: I use my Macbook to write all of my blog posts and most of the stock pictures I use for this blog are on iphoto. When I’m blogging on my personal blog I use pictures I’ve taken myself but I still upload them to my computer to use on my blog.

4) Fast Wifi: I hate trying to write a post with a crappy wifi connection. When I’m writing a post I usually reference a few things, save my post as I go, preview it a few times and edit pictures. If I’m trying to do those things but my internet connection sucks I get really frustrated which throws me off my game.

5) Coffee: Is it ok that I need both snacks and coffee? I need caffeine to stay focused and coffee is better for me than soda.

Drea’s Blogging Tools

1) MacBook Pro: Honestly, any laptop would do, but I wanted a MacBook Pro because I heard they were the best. (They are.) The MacBook Pro runs fast, it’s portable, and the screen is wide—all aspects that are important to my job as a blogger.

2) Wireless Mouse: When blogging, I have to have a wireless mouse because whenever I use my MacBook’s trackpad, it takes me longer to drag, drop, select text, etc. It’s much easier for me to click and move with a wireless mouse than a trackpad.

3) Thesaurus: When writing blog posts, I rely heavily on my thesaurus to make sure I’m not using the same words and phrases repeatedly. Often when I’m trying to think of a synonym, my mind draws a blank, so I’ll refer to my thesaurus.

4) Camera: I’m a huge proponent of original blog photos, so I recently invested in a Canon SX50 HS camera. I don’t know much about its specifications, but using this camera to take my own photos has definitely upgraded the aesthetic of my blog. I try to use one or two photos per post to add some visual appeal to all the words.

5) Google Drive: I have a horrible habit of not backing up my blog as regularly as I should, so I appreciate having another place where my posts are safely stored. This is where Google Drive comes in. I use Google Docs to draft and save my blog posts, then copy/paste them into WordPress before pressing ‘publish.’

What blogging tools do you use when writing posts for your blog? Discuss below. 

  • Thank you for sharing your tools with us. I use my laptop (or phone), water/drink, snacks and google docs (usually to write ideas but I may take your advice and start writing the actual posts there as an extra backup place) and sometimes my notepad.

    I do need to get a camera so I can snap my own pictures.

  • Me too! I need to up my picture taking game. I’m trying to get into the habit of taking my camera everywhere.

  • Kenya

    I agree w/Sweetdrk1. Y’all are awesome:) I love the idea of using original photos for my blog. Adding that to my blogging to-do list.

  • Thanks for the support! It means a lot.

  • That means a lot. Thanks! :)

  • Sweetdrk1

    Because I am finding my way in the blog world, you guys have become an invaluable tool. Thanks you for sharing so generously


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