Big Apple Bloggers Brunch

If you aren’t familiar with tBig Apple Brunch RND3-08he amazing Tyece from I need to know where you’ve been! If you don’t know who she is but you want to know check out her feature on this blog earlier this year.  She’s an amazing writer and one of my favorite bloggers. Her posts always make me think and sometimes it’s good to get a break from style blogging and read something with a little more substance.

This December Tyece is holding an event at Essex in New York City. It will be filled with brunch, booze, blogs and beautiful women. You don’t have to be a blogger to attend but if you are a blogger this will be a great networking event. I won’t be there because I’m on the west coast but I wanted to let all of you east coast ladies (and ladies who can’t afford plane tickets) about the event.

The brunch party menu at Essex includes unlimited mimosas, screwdrivers and bloody marys will be available, and the menu can be viewed here. Only the brunch party menu will be available for this event. (This sounds AMAZING! Who wants to buy me a ticket?)

I’ll be reminding you by posting until the 6th but you should get your ticket here.

If you know of any other amazing events that Brown Girl Bloggers are putting on let me know so that I can feature them on the blog.


Questions, concerns or inquires about how you can buy us doughnuts :)


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