How To Consistently Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

Brown Girl Blogger Drea at just finished a series titled The Case For Blogging Every Day which I found very interesting. While I would love to blog every day I just don’t ever see it happening right now because I don’t make money through blogging for myself. I have a lot of work to do every day and I can’t always fit it in. I’ve committed to blogging three times a week here and twice on my personal blog with others peppered in when I can.

I do blog for my clients on a daily basis which means I’m constantly thinking of blogging. Sometimes I find it hard to come up with content when planning the month’s calendar so I have a few tips and tricks for blogging everyday.

Take Inspiration From Other Bloggers

Drea’s post inspired this one. Although I’m not making the case for blogging every day it got me thinking about the things it takes to do so. If you’re a blogger you should be reading other blogs and I think it’s ok to be inspired  by what you read. You shouldn’t copy another blogger’s post or thoughts but you should let another blogger’s thoughts inspire your own.

Get On Twitter

The conversations I see on Twitter blow my mind. There is always something inspiring, annoying or down right disgusting. I keep a note on my phone of things I might want to talk about a bit more on my blog.

Pay Attention To What You Learn

I find myself googling topics on blogging quite a bit. If I want to tweak my blog a bit I google something about html or if I’m trying to figure out what bloggers have done in the past I go to my friend Google. Since this blog is about blogging I usually blog about the things I’ve googled once I figure them out. Tuesday’s post on stock free photos is a perfect example.

Join or Start A Blogger Group Think

This is a group of bloggers who talk on a weekly or monthly basis to discuss blogging, their ideas and things they may have noticed. It’s a great way to come up with new blogging ideas and since it’s a safe place you don’t have to worry about your ideas being stolen or having other people know what you discussed. I plan on starting a few with Brown Girl Bloggers really soon. If you’d like to know about them when they happen click here to enter your email.

Ask Your Audience. 

Ask your audience what they would like to see on your blog.

It really is that simple.

What advice would you give to other bloggers about consistently coming up with ideas?


Questions, concerns or inquires about how you can buy us doughnuts :)


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