Team BGB’s Favorite Related Posts Plugins & Widgets

Yesterday I wrote about how to keep readers on your blog and today I’m continuing the trend.

When readers reach the end of a post, you should leave them with a call to action so they know what to do next. You could ask them to leave a comment, read a related post, subscribe to your weekly newsletter or all of the above.

Ideally, you should want readers to consume more of your blog’s content because this entices readers to further engage with your blog, and shows them that you’ve written about the same topic before.

I’ve had readers email or tweet me and say they’ve spent an hour browsing through my blog’s archives because the related posts suck them in. And of course, I’m always flattered.

You want to take advantage of reader’s tendency to want to click on more interesting, related articles. And the way to do this is by including related posts at the end of every single post.

Below are me and Candice’s favorite related posts plugins/widgets that are both free and easy to install.

Drea’s Favorite Related Post Plugins for WordPress

1) nRelate Related Content: I like this plugin because you don’t have to create a separate account on nRelate’s website to use it. All you do is download, install, and activate the plugin. Once activated, you can customize how you want your related posts to display at the bottom of the posts; they offer a variety of display options.

2) upPrev: This by far is the most cool, animated related posts plugin that I know of that’s free. Even Clutch Mag uses it. This plugin allows you to display as many related posts at the bottom of a single post as you want. You also get to designate whether you want the related posts to fly out or fade in when a reader scrolls to the bottom of a post. It even pops up on mobile devices!

3) JetPack Related Posts: If you have JetPack installed on your WordPress blog, then you already have a built-in related posts feature – you just need to activate it. JetPack’s related posts plugin is less customizable, but it offers the same effect as external plugins such as nRelate. The selected related posts are based on tags, categories, and the content of the post. They show up as text links or as links with the post’s featured image as the thumbnail.

Candice’s Favorite Related Posts Widgets for Blogger

As we all know blogger isn’t as advanced as WordPress. This means there are fewer options to customize and some gadgets don’t work as well as they should. My recommendation for related post widgets are nRelate and Engageya as they both work seamlessly with blogger and they are easy to use. Since Drea has gone into detail about each of these I’ll leave it at that. I’d recommend trying both for a month and then deciding which one you like best. 

Bonus Widget for & Blogger Users

Engageya is quickly becoming a popular related posts widget because it’s implementable on both Blogger and blogs. I once used this plugin for about a month and loved how seamlessly it fit with the aesthetic of my blog.

Tell us: What plugin/widget do you use to display related posts? 

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    They would stop the service right after we give it a glowing recommendation. Lol. Thanks for reading.

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