On Beyoncé: This Is Not Real Life

beyonce-press-2014-650fSay what you want about Beyoncé but she is honest as much as she is anything else. Her new video Yours and Mine, which celebrates the one year anniversary of the release of her visual album entitled Beyoncé is captivating and moving.

It is a poignant look into her mind and her life. She is so vulnerable and open and it really is a great show of her creative ability. She is growing not just as an artist but as a person and we are able to watch it unfold.

Beyoncé has changed tremendously from the 16 year old member of Destiny’s Child performing on MTV. Holding the title of highest paid black artist…EVER… She reveals in her new video that reaching such heights have not come without it struggles; which is intriguing because we see someone like Bey on stage, dancing, singing and being amazing, and we don’t connect any of that to her humanity. She looks perfect, we think to ourselves, and her life looks perfect so she better not complain about fame because she’s rich and has everything she could ever ask for!

“But if I accomplished all these things and had no one to share it with, it would be worth nothing,” Beyoncé.

In Yours and Mine, Beyoncé exposes her fears as a woman, not just as a singer, and how the events of her life shaped her into someone that wanted to be a people pleaser. She wanted to fix everything and everyone around her because she was afraid of conflict. She has learned not to be afraid to let go and she now embraces the unknown and those places in her body, mind and soul that once made her uncomfortable.

This video is so refreshing. It is encouraging and it is beautiful. Beyoncé plainly tells us that of all the things in life that holds the most power to make the most difference in our world, it is not things like money, flashing lights or swarming fans but it is finding that person that gets you, that loves you, that respects you and that is “going to take all the shit you have and turn it around and bring out the best in you.”

Beyoncé has given us a quick look at the evolution of who she was, who she is, who she strives to be and it is pure magic

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  • NeoshaGEE

    Oh I love this. I always saw Bey as the ultimate powerhouse but I also know she’s human. Her documentaries remind us of that. I can appreciate her being so open and transparent.

    XO NEOSHAGEE/ http://www.itsratedngee.com


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