Blogger Spotlight: Quaint Revolt

DSC_0330+editedWhen I read the name Quaint Revolt I knew I had to figure out who the woman behind it was and how she came to become a blogger. Ladies meet today’s blogger spotlight Sasha-Gay.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging here and there at seventeen writing about life after high school and fashion. Then I started my tumblr where I would share fashion posts, images, and polyvore sets. However, it wasn’t until about a year ago that I began taking fashion/style blogging seriously.

Why did you decide to start a blog about fashion?

Building my career as a fashion stylist and working for designers kept me around fashion all of the time, but I had no outlet to share my personal style. I started my blog to discuss everything in fashion, art, and culture that was inspiring me. Also, my style is continuously  altered by the transformations happening in my life and blogging is a great way to document those changes.

Who are some of your biggest influencers outside of the blogging world?

There are so many people and attributes that influence me that the list could go on for days. My top influences are my parents, definitely my heritage, imagination, and research. My parents have very distinct styles which is easily recognized in my own. Being Jamaican and growing up in Atlanta introduced me to multiple cultures. And really, I explore so much via the web that I find inspiration everywhere, including my daydreams.

Which bloggers do you admire the most and why?

Bloggers that I admire are Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, Nifesimi of Skinny Hipster and Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl. I really like these bloggers because they paint very vivid pictures of who they are through personal style. I always feel more compelled to be who I am after seeing them on my feed. They all represent characteristics that I respect.

What advice would you give to bloggers just starting out?

What initially comes to mind is telling them to be good with where they are and remember that nothing is definite, especially not your style. I would tell them to be open to changes and double check EVERYTHING. Only few things hurt like realizing you made a spelling or grammatical error after publishing a post.

What is your biggest blogging pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve in blogging is feeling pressured to have a large audience quickly. Some days I feel like the world is ending because of it, then on other days I’m appreciative of the progress. Nothing comes easy and that goes for blogging as well. I think the best remedy for that is to remember why I started, which is to share me with the people I am meant to reach.

How has blogging influenced your fashion sense?

Blogging has somewhat influenced my fashion sense. I try to have fewer relaxed days when going out because you never know when an outfit may end up on the blog.

Tell us about the inspiration behind your blog’s name.

Quaint Revolt is who I am. Some times I feel classic, feminine and all around quaint. Other times I feel like an edgy, modern, sleek woman. I’m known to be a bit rebellious (shhh) and a little old-fashioned at times. My personality is polarized and so is my style. That’s truly what inspired the name. It’s another example of my obsession with complimentary contrasts.

Have you found it hard to manage life and blogging?

Honestly, it is difficult to manage life and blogging at times. Especially when I was working and going to school. Now that I’m freelancing and going to school it’s a bit easier. Everything is on my time, but classes do take up a lot of my social life, which is when I get to be the most fashionable.

Give us a random fact about yourself.

A random fact about me…… I am a huge astrology junkie and fan of metaphysical mysteries and practices. Don’t judge me. Everyone has something that make them a little quirky.

Sasha-Gay was born in and spent the first eight years of her life in Jamaica. She has worked for some really awesome stylists and designers in Atlanta. Fashion became important in her life very early on and it was truly inevitable for her to be a part of the industry. She hopes to experience as many cultures as possible and work as a fashion writer while working her way ip to becoming an editor. Traveling the world is one of her dreams. 


Twitter: @quaint_revolt ; Instagram: @quaint_revolt

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