D’Angelo… the R&B Jesus is Back

dangelo_wide-79c17be966d05cf20c4eb86d01d85b7bf43a3c63-s1100-c15There are certain artists who make it a point to stay in your face all the time. They like the attention, the drama and let’s be real… they like the money. Most of the time these artists lack talent and try to cover that fact with loud beats and catchy choruses (expect for Beyoncé, she is always in our faces and really is talented.) You have these fly by night, just in it for the fame, soon to be played out artists, who aren’t even REAL artists.

Then… there’s D’ Angelo.

The smooth neo soul/ R&B crooner has been absent from the game for about 14 years and all of a sudden he hits us with “Black Messiah,” with out any promotion. 2000 was the last time we heard new music from one of R&B’s most sultry and unique artist and it has been well worth the wait. According to the New York Times it is a “knotty, inward-looking, musicianly album made to reveal itself slowly,” and I have to agree.

D’ Angelo, is not your typical singer by any means. In today’s world of black male ballad singers, there is a recycled theme that seems to span across R&B and hip hop– I’m a real so Imma steal your chick while I’m downing shots of patron in my Maybach with my yellow bone passenger.

D’Angelo is and has always been an individual who’s music relates to you on a conscience level. He is spiritual and carnal at the same time and then turns around to use both to get your panties off. I mean, he is just bad.

The title of his new project is an ode to everyone in the black community and he insists that we “should all aspire to be a Black Messiah.”

I don’t know about you, but hearing him on the radio will be a great break in the monotony that is poor singing mixed with auto tunes. He’s a much needed voice that can restore hope and a level pride back to the music scene.

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