This Week’s Links (12/15 – 12/19)

THIS WEEK'SLINKSCandice and I have admittedly slacked on bringing the #BrownGirlBloggers community a roundup of links we loved, but we’re back at it today! So, curl up on your couch in a pair of cozy PJ’s and click through our favorite reads of the week.

How to Turn an “Idea” Into a Business: Got a grand idea and thinking about turning it into a business? In this post, Rana interviews Heather Cummings, the founder of Curlkit on how she turned her idea into a booming business. Read the post >>>

Your Singleness Is Not a Disease: In this post, Mary tackles the issue of singlehood and Christianity in the American context. This is an insightful read if you’re feeling pressure to be someone’s girlfriend or wife. Read the post >>>

How to Start Saving Time: If you’re looking for advice on how to use your 24 hours more effectively, in this post, Iman gives some great pointers, especially tip #2. Read the post >>>

I Am Not My Hair Product: A Natural Hair Realization: In this post, Dee gets honest about learning to embrace the unique texture of her natural hair. Read the post >>>

8 Reasons Millennials Should Become Entrepreneurs in 2015: In this post, Clare shares the benefits of entrepreneurship. Reason No. 3 is one that I never thought about. Read the post >>>

Separating Yourself by Developing Your Own Style as a Blogger: In this post, Amber Janae offers advice on how you can develop a brand and blogging voice for yourself. Read the post >>>

NYE Outfit Ideas – Date Night Edition: Consider yourself “curvy” and “chic”? Well, Chantè’s got you covered on the style tip. If you’re looking for some outfit ideas, check out her post (video included) on what to wear if you have a date night planned for New Year’s Eve. Read the post >>>

7 Ways to Prepare for the New Year: Looking for tips on how to start prepping for the new year, Cicely Rue has you covered with seven things you can do to start preparing for 2015. Read the post >>>

Happy Weekend!

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  • Tuesdai

    These are great and helpful tips for those who are interested in blogging and blogging but feel their loosing their “voice.” Most time when people start blogs they don’t really know which direction to take their writing into.


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