How To Create Amazing Headlines For Your Blog Posts

How To Write AmazingThe first thing someone sees is your headline and if you don’t make them want to click your blog post you’ve already lost the battle. Creating an amazing headline is really easy because amazing headlines are the ones that people click. Most huge sites have editors who create headlines, but since most bloggers don’t I thought I’d share a few things great headline writers do.

Tell Your Audience How To Do Something

This is one of the easiest and most effective headlines a blog post can have. As and editor I use this type of headline often because my writers and I are usually sharing some type of knowledge. Everyone wants new skills and this is the best way to provide value to the reader. Instead of using a headline with no direction like: Going To My First Blogger Conference your headline should let the reader know that they will get value from your post.

Examples: 6 Ways To Get The Most Out Of A Blogger Conference or How To Go To Blogger Conferences On A Budget.

Shock Your Audience 

Use your headline to grab people’s attention in such a way that they can’t ignore you. Don’t use these headlines as clickbait because that will give your site a bad reputation. Make sure you deliver so that people keep coming back for more. These work great on bargain sites, gossip sites or sites with constant changing information.

Examples: How I Saved A Baby From A Tornado or I Decorated My Entire House For $100

Ask Your Audience A Question

When we read questions we either unconsciously answer them and click on the post or we have no clue and want to know the answer. Either way headlines that ask question get clicked on a lot.

Examples: Is Your Partner A Sociopath? or How Do You Know When You’re Ready To Have Kids?

Tell Your Audience Something New

Again, we love to learn new information. If your article is about a new hair product or a blogging tool your headline should convey that. You should use words like only, new, introducing, powerful, and first.  

Examples: A New Resource To Make Your Blog’s Graphics Awesome or  The Only Way Your Readers Will Listen To What You Have To Say 

Do you have any headline writing tips? Did you find these helpful?

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  • I think we all go through this a little bit.

  • I’m glad it helped!

  • Andrea Cain

    This is great info. I’m always trying to look for interesting headlines to grab people in.

  • Aphrodite Kinks

    Thank you for this post. I often get a little boring with my headlines..LOL Im working on it though.

  • Thank you for this Candice. I am always working to tighten up my headlines and rethink the ones I have written in the past. This is helpful.

  • Thanks for reading

  • These are great suggestions that I’ll definitely keep in mind when writing headlines for future posts. :)


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