How To Host Pictures On Blogger

downloadYou might want to host pictures on Blogger for various reasons. Some of the reasons I’ve needed to host pictures were to create a button for my blog, for social media buttons on my sidebar, for a blog’s slider, etc.

This blog used to be on Blogger but now that it’s on WordPress hosting pictures is much easier and I don’t use Blogger as much. Before moving to WordPress I hosted my pictures on Photobucket which I don’t like for a few reasons. There is a bandwidth limit which means after so many views your pictures will show an error message unless you pay Photobucket, the site seems to crash on a regular basis and it’s unreliable. One day I got fed up with it and sat down to figure out how to host my pictures on Blogger. Once I realized how easy it was I felt stupid for not knowing how to do it earlier so I thought I’d share the knowledge.

Below are the really easy steps to hosting your pictures on Blogger.

Create a new blog post. 

Upload your picture the way you normally would for blog posts.

Click over to html editing.

Copy the URL in the picture’s description. That is the URL where your picture is hosted and the one your should use wherever you want the picture to show up.

Save the blog post as a draft. 

If you delete the blog post your picture will be deleted so make sure you name it DO NOT DELETE or something similar.

So, there you have it. A super easy way to host your pictures on blogger. I hope this helped!

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