How To Create A Pop Up Box For Your Blog

mailchimp-logoI was asked via email how to create a pop up box for a blog and I said I would write a post about it so I will. I want to start this post off by saying I think most pop up boxes are annoying as hell. It really pisses me off to click on a post I want to read and have a subscription box pop up before I can read it or while I’m in the middle of reading it. I will almost always click away from the site.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I’ll say that there are ways to get people to sign up for your email list without annoying the crap out of them. I choose to do it by putting sign up boxes at the end of each blog post (sign up for our newsletter after reading this,) having a sign up box in the sidebar and by having a little box slide up from the bottom of the page for first time visitors.

From my experience the sidebar sign up box is ignored the most. People sign up a lot on the one at the bottom of the blog posts and on the one that slides up from the bottom of the page. Since implementing those two the Brown Girl Blogger’s email list size has doubled.

I think it’s because those two boxes don’t stop someone from reading whatever they came here to read and because anyone who’s read to the bottom of the page probably enjoyed the content and is interested in other things this site has to offer.

For my Blogger peeps you can add a sign up box to your blog manually using html. Whatever CRM you use (MailChimp, Mad Mimi, Constant Contact, etc) to manage your list should have an option to add a sign up box to your site. Use the html code they provide and add it to your sidebar with the html widget. Add it to each blog post through editing the html code for the post. As far as having a popup on Blogger, I’m not sure but I know it’s complicated.

On WordPress I recommend SuMo Me for a small pop up on the bottom of your page and Magic Action Box to have people sign up at the end of your blog posts.

Hope this helped!

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  • Very helpful post! I hate popups, so I currently have a footer at the bottom of my articles with my newsletter information, but having a form would probably be more visible and hence more effective. I’d never heard of SuMo Me before so I will check it out. Thanks kindly! :)


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