4 Ways to Revamp Your Blog in 2015

revampIt’s a new year and you may be contemplating ways you can liven up your blog without having to hire a designer or come up with a plan for a total rebrand. Look no further than this post becauseI’m going to reveal four easy ways that you spice up your blog in 2015 for little to no money. For these ideas, all you really need is a little creativity!

Design a New Blog Header: Your blog’s header is the first thing that visitors see when they come to your blog. Why not switch it up for the new year? You can change the font or tweak something as simple as the size or alignment (i.e. right, left, center) of your blog header and it will make all the difference in how your site appears.

Buy a New Domain Name: Walk into the new year with a brand new domain name for your space on the World Wide Web — preferably one that doesn’t carry .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com at the end of it. Before buying the domain, make sure it’s not just cute and creative, but also one that is easy to remember. Also, make sure you iron out the kinks (i.e. blog URL redirects, social media handles, etc.) before making a public announcement.

Start a New Blog Series: Been thinking about diversifying your blog’s content? In the new year, introduce a new series for your readers. For instance, if you have a fashion or style blog but you’re also into fashion news and events, why not start a feature where you and your readers discuss current events in fashion every week? It could be called ‘Fashion Forum Fridays’ or something like that. The key to making the new series a favorite among readers is making sure that it remains in line with your overall mission and brand.

Explore New Content Formats: Do you do roundups of blog posts you recently read and enjoyed? Well, rather than curating a list with a bunch of links to the posts you read and loved, how about making a short video explaining why you loved each post? The video doesn’t have to be long (5-10 minutes tops) and you can casually blab about the posts you liked and encourage your readers to check them out. This way, you’re still offering your roundup of blog posts, but you’re doing it in the visual and audio format.

How are you planning to revamp your blog this year? If you have ideas to add to this list, leave them in the comments below.

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  • I revamped my blog recently. I am always making changes. I think I have it the way I want it this time. I think. lol.

  • Revamping is always fun, especially when you get to the end of it and see how much better your site looks!

  • Buying a domain name is relatively cheap, generally no more than $10 a year. Invest in a domain name asap!

  • I just revamped my blog and I’m satisfied with the changes, I can’t wait to get my own domain name though!

  • Aphrodite Kinks

    Going through a revamp right now, which Im super excited about. Think it’s about time to bring my baby to the next level. I want to continue to create greatness and grow it into something bigger. I’m especially excited to be doing it during the mercury retrograde, a time to renew and revamp.

  • TC’s Views

    As a journalist who has worked in both broadcast and digital media for more than 10 years, 5 to 10 minutes of video on the Internet, is too long for MOST viewers. I understand that you may be able to watch videos that are 10 minutes in length but that is not the case for the majority. People want to know three things: what’s the story, why is it a story and what new information you are going to tell them next. And they want it in a timely manner. Studies and reports show that most viewers drop off after 2 min if the video is longer than 2 min and 30 sec. The way to minimize the drop off rate is to keep it short. If there is more to tell, give them a reason to come back by giving them the story in parts. If the first video intrigued them, then they will certainly come back for more. However, if it’s a “How To” video, then more time is definitely needed and 5 to 10 min may work better and having a distinct voice in this case really doesn’t matter because the viewer just wants to know “How To” do the tasks. Just try it. Check the analytics to see what percentage of viewers actually watch the longer videos vs. the shorter ones. And that’s how you’ll know if viewers are hooked or not.

  • 5 to 10 minutes is too long?? I’ve watched videos that were 10 minutes long, but as you mentioned, the editing was sharp and the content was interesting to me so it didn’t feel *that* long. 2 minutes or less may be more realistic…for people who don’t have a distinct voice.

  • Hope it goes well, Alero!

  • I hope they help, Kelci. :)

  • TC’s Views

    This is great advice! I’ve revamped my header on my blog at the end of 2014 to give it a cleaner look. I’ve also bought a new domain name around the same time but, I’m having one hell of a time changing the name via blogger. I’ll work it out sooner or later. The blog series is another element that I added. Money Methods…it’s where I give some tips on personal finance from industry sources. I’ve also added a podcast segment. But my ultimate favorite on your list is the idea of creating a short video of why you liked particular blog post/posts. GREAT IDEA! One recommendation though, 5 – 10 minutes is way too long for videos on the internet. As a general rule of digital/video journalism, internet users have a short attention span, so it’s best to say what you have to say in 2 min or less. If you have to go longer make sure you have images, sharp editing, and a voice that keeps viewers engaged to hear and see more. It’s all about the delivery.

  • Great post! :) I plan on using these tips soon.

  • Welcome! I’m glad you liked this post. Drea is a really great blogger.

  • Alero Michelle

    I’m new here, I think these are great ideas! Some I’ve already done, others I will implement. Thanks!


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