This Week’s Links (1/12/2015 – 1/16/2015)

Happy Friday! It was a busy week here on the BGB blog.

Candice kicked off the week with seven strategies that will make your writing better; I discussed why Lucky magazine’s latest cover featuring fashion bloggers is not as revolutionary as people think it is; Tyece schooled us on the significance of engagement, tact, and responsibility when on Twitter; and Tamara offered tips on how to find your super-targeted blogging niche.

To find out we read and bookmarked from other brown girl bloggers, get into this week’s links!

Daily Blogging Checklist: Alisha Nicole created a checklist to help her keep track of the little things she has to do before and after publishing a new blog post. Read the post + get a copy of her checklist for free >>>

A List of Sh*t I Wish I Had Known Then: In this post, Amber Janae reflects on her life and what she knows now that she wishes she would have known back in the day. Read the post >>>

MIA: Where I’ve Been + Am I Back?: In this post, you’ll find out why our founder Candice took a break from personal blogging and if she’s back for good. Read the post >>>

Canceling Out Negativity: In this post, Soleil shares a trick she learned from her aunt on how to put an end to negative energy and thoughts. Read the post >>>

Note to Black Students at Predominately White Universities: If you’re a black or brown woman who’s currently attending a college or university that is not an HBCU, Olivia has a very important message for you. Read the post >>>

Let’s Talk Lips: In this post, Mika shares her favorite lip products for the winter. Read the post >>>

Take a Vacation Every Weekend: Don’t have the money to take expensive excursions across the country? Well, in this post, Brittiny makes a convincing case for taking a vacation right in your own city. Read the post >>>

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