This Week’s Links (1/19/2015 – 1/23/2015)

Friday is upon us again! So, as usual it’s time to share what we read and bookmarked from other brown girl bloggers this week. Get into the links below.

Five Money Saving Tips: If you find it difficult to hold on to your hard-earned coins, Amber has some tips on how you can implement habits that will help you resist the urge to splurge. Read the post >>>

Own & Embrace Who You Are: In the age of social media and reality TV, there’s much to be influenced by. In this post, Soleil speaks on the significance of owning and embracing your true self. Read the post >>>

The Art of the Thrift: Thrifting 101: In this post, Jasmine shares her go-to NYC spots to thrift at, and she shamelessly refers to Goodwill as one of the “crème de la crème” places to shop. Read this post >>>

The Spirit That Surrounds You: As always, Erica gives it to us straight in her latest post on discerning between good and bad spirits. Read the post >>>

From Fat Belly to Flat Belly: If you need tips on how to combat belly fat, Myeshia’s got 8 tummy-slimming tricks that may help. Read the tips >>>

Life After a Breakup: How Long Should You Stay Single?: There are no steadfast rules on how to cope with the dissolution of a relationship, but Amber Janae offers her take on the age-old question: How long should one stay single after a breakup? You might be surprised by her advice. Read the post >>>

Bronze Makeup for Brown to Dark Skin: For the makeup enthusiasts, The Chic Noir has a tutorial wherein she shows brown girls how to achieve a warm, natural bronzed even in the winter! Watch the video >>>

Restaurant-Worthy Guacamole: I love guacamole on my tacos or with a side of tortilla chips. In this post, Lontier gives up the secret ingredient she uses to make her guacamole rave-worthy. This makes for a great weekend snack! Get the recipe >>>

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  • :) I appreciate that so much. Knowing I can make someone else happy through food is so dope to me and gives me the warm fuzzies.

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    Thanks so much for featuring GLAMStyle! The other features are awesome as well! It is greatly appreciated! :-)

  • I know I already told you but the quac is truly amazing. Truly.

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  • Thank you so much for including my post along with so many amazing bloggers!


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