4 Tips For Reusing Photos On Your Blog

reuseI’ve written about free places to find stock photos for your site not once but twice. Kari shared her tips for taking your own stock photos and Drea has written about why you should take your own photos instead of depending on stock photo sites.

It’s safe to say that we understand how important it is to have good images on your blog around these parts.

Today I want to share tips to get the most out of your photos whether you take them yourself or get them from a royalty free stock image site.



The way you crop your pictures is extremely important if you’re paying for stock photography and even if you’re getting your images for free. If you crop certain elements out of a picture you can get more than one use out of it and make it look like a different picture.


tag-1-1020x765 copy

Same picture but you wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance.


Using filters can completely change the look of the picture… to your reader that is. PicMonkey and Canva have plenty that you can use and both sites are free. I used Canva to create both images above on one I used no filter and on the other I used greyscale.


I love using overlays. Overlays are shapes that you can put over your pictures. I generally use them under my text to make it stand out more but you can use them to add a shape over certain elements of the picture to make it look differently. The pictures above both have overlays. I used a purple circle overlay in the first picture and a black (transparent) overlay in the second picture so that the text would stand out.


The most obvious thing you can do to make your stock photos stand out is to use text. I generally put the blog post title but you can get creative and include quotes or whatever you want.

In the end you have to be careful that you aren’t spending too much on your blog before you start making money.  While using free stock photography sites and taking your own photos are great sometimes those two options won’t work for you. If you’re going to shell out the money to pay for stock photography I’d recommend getting all that you can out of it.

What tips do you have for making your stock photos stand out?

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  • I didn’t think of doing any of these tips, thanks for sharing!!

  • Cropping! I didnt event think about that. Thank you.

  • Thanks, you gave me some great ideas and links. I will check back for more posts.


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