Step By Step: How To Create A Blog Post Signature

If you’re like me, you began the new year thinking about how you can change up your blog’s look for 2015. Sure, you can find your favorite blog designer and pay a good $100 for an entire revamp of your layout. Or, you can add and change up small details of your blog’s look yourself – it will cost you nothing but a little time. If you chose the second option, keep reading!

Adding a customized header, sidebar titles and signature can do wonders for making your blog feel uniquely you, without breaking the bank. I’ve changed these things on my blog, The Kari Diaries, a few times throughout the years, and it always makes me excited about my little space of internet. One easy way to do this is to create a blog signature.
Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to create signatures like the two above.
1. Open It’s a free photo editor, but don’t be fooled – the features are clutch.
2. Go to Design > Custom. Set the pixels “300 x 100”. If it’s too big at the end, you can always resize it using the resize tool on the left side.
3. Check the box next to “transparent canvas” so that it will blend with whatever blog background you but it on.

4. Click the “Tt” tab, then a font from either “Ours” or “Yours”. Then, click “Add text”.

5. Type your signature in (I’m using”brown girl” as an example), then highlight it to adjust the size, color, alignment etc. Click outside of the text box (but still on the canvas), and then use the move tool to place the text where you want it on the canvas.

How creative you get here is up to you. I chose to add a closing and a graphic, but you can add as much or as little as you want, of course.

6. Click “Tt” again and choose your font for the closing (ie. love, sincerely, etc.). You can use the open circle at the top of the text box to rotate the text, if you’d like.

7. Add an overlay graphic by clicking the butterfly on the side. Choose a category of overlays (geometric, hearts, etc.) and then a specific graphic. You can also choose a picture of your own as an overlay by clicking “Your Own” at the top.

8. Change the color of the overlay. Use the open circles at the corners to resize and use the open circle at the top to tilt/rotate it.

Use the crop tool on the left hand side (it looks like a box) to get rid of the extra space. Save it and you’re done!

Now, I’m going to show you how to create the second signature by placing the overlay behind the text. (Note: I deleted the heart overlay, but you don’t have to. Go overlay crazy, if you’d like!)

9. Repeat Step 7. Resize, tilt and position the overlay the way you want it.

10. Choose the color and then fade the overlay using the slider until the text becomes more visible through it. I recommend moving it to the middle at about 50-60%.

11. Right-click on the overlay and select “Send to back”. Right-click again and select “Send backwards.” This brings the text forward and pushes the overlay back, making it like a background image.

12. Now, adjust the colors of the text and the fade of the overlay so that you can see the text clearly on top of the image. Simply click each to edit them. You may need to deepen the text color and fade the overlay a bit more like I did.

Use the crop tool on the left hand side (it looks like a box) to get rid of the extra space, and that’s it! Save and you’re done.

You can add the signature to your blog posts by hosting them in an online photo album (I like Photobucket) and then placing the URL within this code: <img src=”URL here”> Any place you put that code, your signature will pop up.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below and I’ll try my best to answer them.

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