This Week’s Links (2/23/2015 – 2/27/2015)

Happy Friday! Y’all have been bringing your A-game with blog posts this week. There was so much good stuff to read. Here are some of our favorite reads from brown girl bloggers around the web…

Just Say Yes: This one is by Jena and it’s a quick read about the greatness we can experience if we simply step outside our comfort zones and allow ourselves to say “yes” to some things. Read the post >>>

4 Steps to Getting Over Anger: Anger is a natural and (oftentimes) valid emotion that everyone experiences at some point. We can’t be happy about everything all the time. In this post, Soleil offers four steps to managing your anger. Step 2 seems to be the most challenging of the four. Read the post >>>

My Hair Story: In this post, Minnie shares the abridged version of her hair story in 100 words. I instantly related to the line about Moesha’s braids. I was obsessed with them! Read the post >>>

3 Hair Myths New Naturals Should Be Aware Of: Speaking of hair, Crissi has a new post up at on three hair care myths new naturals should try to avoid. Read the post >>>

Guilt Trips Someone Should’ve Warned Me About: Erica’s latest post is about the guiltiness that comes along with actively pursuing your passion but also wanting to be a great parent to your children. Read this post >>>

When Does Inspiration Hit You?: I’m someone whose greatest ideas for blog posts come at night when I’m in the comfort of my bed and halfway sleep. How inconvenient. Apparently I’m not the only. In this post, Tamika shares when inspiration strikes her. Read the post >>>

Spring Shoe Guide: Thinking about stepping your shoe game up this spring? Well, thankfully Chanel did the hard work for you by seeking out the hottest shoe trends for Spring 2015! Check out the guide to see what shoe styles you should try this spring >>>

Turkey Meatball Recipe: If you’re looking for a quick meal to make this weekend, I suggest Kiana’s easy-to-follow recipe for turkey meatballs. Get the recipe >>>

The Only Black Girl: In this post, Khristi writes about how burdensome it can be when you’re the only Black girl at school and work. Read the post  >>>

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  • You’re welcome, Jena! :)

  • Jena Marie

    Thank you for featuring me this week, I really appreciate that! I also enjoyed the other blog posts as well! You guys are so awesome <3


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