This Week’s Links (2/2/2015 – 2/6/2015)


THIS WEEK'SLINKSHappy Friday, Brown Girl Bloggers! Are you ready to read up on what some of your brown girl blogger peers have been writing about? Of course you are, so let’s dive right into this week’s links!

True Life: I Suffer From Peter Pan Syndrome: In this post, Dee talks candidly about towing the line between child and adult and figuring out the difference between getting older (aging) and growing up. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there, right? Read the post >>>

Sign Language: Erica is back with her inspiring What Binds Us Together series, and one of the featured stories is a “heartbreakingly beautiful” piece from Roconia about her personal experience with sexual abuse. (Content note: abuse, sexual abuse.) Read Roconia’s story here >>>

How I Became an Entrepreneur: It seems like we’re in the era of entrepreneurship, where many millennials are denouncing the traditional 9-to-5 jobs and seeking out ways to become their own bosses. In this post, Candice (our founder) shares how she launched her very own business. Read the post >>>

I’m On My Time, In Case Y’all Forgot: Being pressured by loved ones to hurry up and get over a breakup can become irksome. In this post, Crissi writes about the importance of disregarding people’s expectations of how she should heal and learning to trust herself in the post-breakup process. Read the post >>>

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems: My Issue With Most Successful Blogs: In this post, Adia calls attention to how many “successful” bloggers with thousands of followers and readers are becoming increasingly detached from their audience. Read this post >>>

Winter Escape to Europe: In this post, Adrienne highlights her two-week excursion to Europe, including stops in both Paris and Barcelona. Warning: This photo-heavy post will make you want to book a flight to Europe – stat. Read the post >>>

You’re Black But Also a Woman: In this post, Cicely Rue reflects on how she came to see the beauty in her identity as a Black woman with a little help from her mother. Read the post >>>

The Job Hunting Struggle: Finding steady work in such a dismal job market can be agonizing, so Khris offers a plan of action, comprised of four tips that may help keep you motivated during your job hunt. Read the post >>>

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  • After seeing Adrienne’s photos, I wanted to book me a flight ASAP. But: bills. Thanks for reading, Coco. :)

  • Loved this week’s round-up! I was recently in Paris too, but Adrienne’s pictures showed I clearly have to go back… there’s so much i missed out on!
    xo, coco |


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