This Week’s Links (2/9/2015 – 2/13/2015)

It’s Valentine’s Day weekend, ladies! Although there are tons of V-Day themed blog posts floating around the blogosphere, we’re not going to bombard you with too many — just a couple. Let’s get into this week’s links!

Let’s Talk About How I’m Not Your Kids’ Babysitter: This a hilarious read by Brittany. If you’ve ever found yourself in a restaurant constantly interrupted by the noisy kid in the next booth over, you’ll probably relate to how Brittany feels. Read this post >>>

5 Tips for Perfect Instagram Photos for Bloggers: Without a doubt Instagram is becoming quite the marketing tool for bloggers. So if you’re looking to step your photography game up, definitely check out Neosha tips on how to take better snapshots for the ’Gram! Read the tips >>>

All Things in Due Time: In this post, Tyece reminds us (while reminding herself) that there is a set time for all things to happen, and sometimes, we just have to wait it out. Read the post >>>

2015 Travel List: I admire women who aren’t afraid to travel the world. In this post, Janisha shares 20 places she wants to travel to this year. She also encourages us to make a list of our own. Not a bad idea… Read the post >>>

Diary of a Struggling New Blogger: As bloggers, I think we all, at one time or another, go through that dreadful phase of self-doubt wherein everything about our identities as bloggers is hazy. We’re not sure what our blogging “voice” is, if and how we’re impacting our readers, if our content is good enough, etc. In this post, Stella shares her story as a new blogger. Read the post and show her some love >>>

Valentine’s Day For One: V-Day is right around the corner. It’s tomorrow, actually. If you’re still in need of ideas on how to celebrate the day, Jena’s come up with three fun activities you can do. And the best part? None of them require a significant other! Read the post >>>

No Valentine? A Dating in NYC GIF Story: This one is by Ashley and although it’s a funny one (the GIFS really made me LOL), it’s also a little depressing to read if you’re a single person living in the NYC area. I didn’t realize dating in NYC was that much of a struggle. Read the post >>>

Glacier: Technically, this one isn’t a blog post — it’s a short story. But, it was written by one of our very own Brown Girl Bloggers and contributors, Kari. I breezed through the story in half an hour and it’s a really good read. Check out the short story >>>

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