3 Podcasts That Are Helping Me Become A Better Blogger

podcastsI’m totally obsessed with podcasts right now.  I heard that word “podcast” a while back but I didn’t really know what it was.  For those of you who don’t know, a podcast is audio content usually in the form of a blog or show with several episodes.  My obsession started with the Serial Podcast.  If you’re into true crime stories, check it out. After that ended I started looking for other podcasts under the business category on iTunes and I hit the jackpot.  I’m excited to share my 3 favorite podcasts that help be become a better blogger and businesswoman.

Kate’s Take

I fell in love with Kate’s Take instantly.  If you start from the beginning, Kate will tell her story about how she left her corporate job to start a business and failed in her first entrepreneurial leap.  Talk about real talk.  The value I find in this podcast is she not only talks about things like creating a platform, building systems, and processes, she really gets into the common barriers we face regarding fear and mindset.  Another cool thing about Kate’s Take, the audio blog for Entrepreneur on Fire, is that they publish their income reports.  So you can see exactly how they make and spend money.

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy is an expert in Facebook marketing but her podcast offer much more.  When I listened to her first episode (which is from about two years ago), I had five action items for my blog.  While I am not big on Facebook marketing for my blog, she offers tips that just make sense.  Amy also gives great advice on list building, which is critical to growing your business and connecting to your audience. Recently, Amy took her blog to the next level by offering a free download to accompany each episode.  Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

I’m hooked on Smart Passive Income for a few reasons.  The host, Pat Flynn, is very personable and transparent.  I also like how he is vocal about the fact that everything he does is for his family and he centers his business around making his family happy first. This podcast covers just about everything from blogging to entrepreneurship. Pat interviews guests that started off small and made it big.  On episode 148 he interviewed a couple that created a small food blog a few years ago and are now making about 20k a month.  Talk about inspiring.

I just had to share these podcasts with the BGB community because so often we feel like we aren’t getting traction in our business and we don’t know where to turn.  These podcasts are a great start to get ideas and inspiration.

Are there any podcasts that you love?

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  • Thanks for these. I listen to videos and have recently been on the look out for some great podcasts. Will check them out on iTunes later today.

  • Glenda Harrison

    I enjoy podcasts too. Thanks for sharing your favorites.

  • Pat Flynn is just so charming. I love his show too.

  • Its a great way to past time in the car versus listening to the same songs on the radio.

    Zena | http://www.hersavvycareer.com

  • I will have to check out Biz Chix. It seems I cannot get enough. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love Pat Flynn and I’ve checked out some episodes of Kate’s Take as well. The Fizzle Show (fizzle.co’s podcast) is another great resource for bloggers/creativepreneurs

  • Ever since I discovered Smart Passive Income last year, I’ve fallen in love with online marketing podcasts! They are extremely helpful and inspiring! I’m checking out some of Biz Chix podcast episodes lately.

  • I’ve never listened to Podcast before but they seem worth listening to. I’ve been hearing so much about them. Thanks for sharing.


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