HelloFresh Review

Skillet Chicken Paprikash

Today I want to introduce you to HelloFresh, a food subscription of 30-45 minute recipes on different culinary levels for you to savor. Once I stumbled on it I had to try the site out since there was an awesome Groupon offer for a damn near free start to the subscription.

The fresh food comes packaged in a cooled box, some may even still have ice in the box. The three meals are divided within three plastic bags – that I use as the discard bag while slicing and dicing. Precise measurements of produce, vegetables and seasonings creates a meal for two adults.

Although my daughter loved to “help” with the hello recipes, she didn’t actually eat mommy’s recipes. She was missing out for sure!!

After creating a profile and redeeming my voucher from Groupon, I anxiously waited for my first box and thought about which one of the three recipes I would be recreating:

  • Skillet Chicken Paprikash
  • Shrimp & Tomato Farrotto
  • Ginger Beef Stir-Fry

Delivery of my hello recipes was a mess. The delivery person called me to explain how he could not get into my building. As you could imagine, I was upset. He was the man standing in the way of me being featured in my own cooking reality show starring me. I don’t think he tried. I don’t live in a gun shooting building. It’s really nice. Flowers in the lobby and all. At the end of the day, I received my box the next day.

Since I received the box a day late, I decided to make the shrimp dish called Shrimp & Tomato Farrotto. Have you ever had farro before? Me either and don’t think it’s a grain I’ll have again.

  1. Farro is a food composed of the grains of certain wheat species. The exact definition is debated. It is sold dried and is prepared by cooking in water until soft, but still crunchy. Wikipedia


    Shrimp & Tomato Farrotto

    The next meal I ventured off to make was the ginger beef stir-fry. I’m usually not a big beef eater, but this meal was pure deliciousness. The only change I made is after searing the beef, the recipe mentions to place the asparagus into the same pan and cook. But what about that flavor bit goodness at the bottom of the pan? Just then, my inner Julia Child was channeled. I poured a little red wine in the pan and a lot in my glass – pour a little sip a little. All the flavor and the wine seasoned those veggies. Delicious recipe.

    Ginger Beef Stir-Fry

    I strongly recommend that if you’re tired or bored of the same meals day after day, then try a week of HelloFresh. I’ll even throw in my referral code EVBMGF so you can receive $40 off of your first box.
     Is HelloFresh something you would like to try? Have you ever tried a food subscription box before?
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  • Candice Lee

    I’ve been dying to try Hello Fresh ever since I first say the commercial come on during an episode of Chopped on Food Network. Yes, I will be signing up this weekend, and I can’t wait to see what kind of recipes they send. My palate is absolutely starved for some new taste sensations, and these recipes sound like edible delights that will make my taste buds, tongue and tummy dance! Can’t wait, and I’ll let you know how it goes.


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