How to Contact Businesses About Collaborations

collabsDuring the last #BGBChat, I realized that many bloggers were interested in monetizing their blogs and understanding the process that goes with it. Frankly, I’m not an expert on that aspect of blogging but I do know a thing or two about collaborations.

As a fashionpreneur myself (the owner of a fashion business) I frequently look for bloggers to collaborate with. Why? Simply because it expands my brand audience and brings my business new customers. Now that may sound like a completely selfish thought, but it is the cold hard truth. In the business world, bloggers are recognized as the most untapped resource of marketing. We know people look to you for advice on what store to shop in, what device to buy and what food to eat. You have a major impact. However, with all that power bottled up in one group of people, very few bloggers skillfully navigate the business world and attain collaborations.

I’m here to change that. I want to give you the tools you’ll need to acquire collaborations. Here are the secrets.

Have a visually appealing blog. Before you even consider attaining collaborations, make sure you have maximized your blog’s aesthetic potential. Aka, make sure it looks good. A business’ main goal is to make sales, so they are going to be very particular about the platforms their products are represented on.  Their thought process is, if they don’t like it, their potential customer won’t either. So sadly, if your blog is not attractive, they won’t give you the time of the day.

Create a list of the brands you want to work with. A company wants you to write your honest opinion about their product, and it always benefits both parties if that is heartfelt. Therefore, search for brands you are truly passionate about or brands who have a product that you would actually purchase. Make a list of those you would like to work with and jot down their contact info.

Create an email sequence. This is a tip directly from the entrepreneur’s playbook. Create 3 email templates – (1) An introduction of you and your blog to the brand, (2) A follow-up email to the introduction, and (3) A confirmation email, stating the date of the post release with its link. Trust me, this works like a charm. It shows the company that you are serious about this collaboration and organized, which reassures them that they don’t have to expend too much energy working with you.

Suggest your ideas. Even though companies can be particular about how their product is presented, they are truly looking for your perspective on how to present it. Approach them with your unique content ideas. Also, point out the aspects that you like about their brand. It sets you apart from the pack, especially to small businesses.

Send the email! Now that you have all you need, send your email and start the conversation. Pace yourself though. Email 3-5 brands each month. That may seem like a small amount but it is more manageable, helps you plan ahead, and it allows you to build a relationship with your collaborator.

Did these tips help you? Are there any that you need to be explained more in depth?

PS: Don’t miss tonight’s #BGBChat on growing your audience as a blogger!

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  • Yes it does!

  • Good! I wanted it to be. As far as the longevity of a blog before having sponsors, it depends. Some companies prefer to have a pattern of engagement to see. They like to know that their product will actually reach people. However, there are some brands who are willing to work with upcoming bloggers. You never know, give it a try! The worst they can say is ‘No.’

    Hope that helps!

  • You’re very welcome!

  • Yay! That’s what I like to hear.

  • NeoshaGEE

    Awesome information here!! As a person who often works with brands, I can surely attest to every point made. It all truly helps.


  • Laci

    This information is so helpful! Its something I’ve definitely been thinking about. Do you think you should have your blog a certain amount time before contacting sponsors?

  • Bobbie

    Great tips!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • This is great information! I’ll definitely hold onto this article for future use.

  • You’re very welcome! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts :)

  • Great! Thank you for reading :)

  • thebayarean

    Thank you for sharing. Hearing from the business owner’s side is especially helpful.

  • Cold Knowledge

    This is a really great tool, I’m definitely going to utlize this when I branch out to that part of blogging. Thank you so much!


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