Introducing The Ebook: Everything You Need To Know About WordPress

I mentioned on my personal blog that one of my March goals was to finish an ebook and I’m really happy to say I did that. I co-wrote this book with Drea who has her own personal blog in addition to being an editor here on BGB.

We’ve been working on this book for the past two months and we packed it full of everything you need to know about WordPress. Here is the table of contents:



If you’ve ever thought about switching from Blogger to WordPress or you have a WordPress site but are confused about a lot of the features you’ll find this book really useful. Our 35-page ebook is well-designed, well-written, and packed with easy-to-understand, useful information.

We walk you through the steps of everything from buying your domain and hosting to setting up your first blog post!

Here are a few more pages from the book:

1 copy 2 copy 3 4


You can purchase this book on Gumroad for $10.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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  • You’re awesome, actually.

  • Awww snap! Thanks for reading it.

  • You ladies are freakin awesome! I’ve been considering moving over to WordPress but was never really sure how to go about it. Super helpful Ebook and very easy to read and follow. Thanks for breaking it down for us!

  • Thank you, Amber! I really hope it’s useful for you. :))

  • Author Amber Janae

    Sooo, I basically cannot thank you all enough. I have been using WordPress for several years and it still feels like there is so much that I do not know about it. Can’t wait to crack open the Ebook and get some pointers. You all are AWESOME!

  • Thank you, Mary. I hope it’s helpful to you if/when you make the move to WP!

  • Y’all are the real MVP for this. I’ve been thinking a lot about moving to WordPress and this will come handy. Again, kudos to you and Drea for this! :)


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