The Blogger’s Hierarchy of Needs

hierarchyAs a girl who works full time, goes to school in the evening, and uses what little time she has left to manage her blog, I’m used to coming home at the end of a very long day and being completely worn out. Still, I boot up my laptop, sit down, and write. 

That routine worked well for me until few weeks ago, when I started feeling unnaturally lethargic. I would come home from my night classes with absolutely no strength left in my body. The weakness was frightening; yet, the problem was obvious: I hadn’t cooked a meal for myself in weeks. I was eating a little bit, but it was mostly fast food I could pick up between my drive from work to school. 

Though I was checking things like “tweak editorial calendar” and “finish homework” off of my to-do list, I’d forgotten to satisfy my body’s most basic need.

So I created “Shae’s Hierarchy of Needs” to make sure that with all the things going on, my life remained healthy and balanced.

  • Physical Fuel
  • Spiritual/Inspirational Fuel
  • Creative Fuel

After those three needs are satisfied, I can relax or check a few minor things off of my to-do list.

As bloggers, we are often busy. We wear several hats: we write posts, manage our blog’s social media accounts, interact with other bloggers to learn and build connections, renovate our blogs to optimize click-through, make them SEO friendly, and more. It’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of our blogging tasks.

To keep things in life balanced, here’s my proposed blogger’s hierarchy of needs.

Spiritual/Inspirational Fuel– Are you spiritually fed or inspired?

I assume you aren’t so obsessed with your to-do list that you forget to cook yourself a meal like me so I started with this necessity.  For inspiration I mediate, journal, or walk along the beach. Other writers chat with mentors and helpful friends; some read encouraging words from their favorite books or blogs. Whatever charges and inspires you, do it. We all could use a healthy dose of motivation.

Creative Fuel- Have you written your next post?

After you’ve gotten your spiritual fuel, it’s time to put it to use and crank out that next blog post. If you’re having trouble getting started, take baby steps and kickoff with a brainstorm.

Ambition Fuel– Have you taken steps toward achieving your goals?

If you’ve already written your next post, maybe you can take the time to do other blogging tasks, like connecting with other writers on social media, responding to comments on your posts, or implementing some of the blogging advice you’ve received from BGB. Do whatever it is you need to reach your blogging goals.

Relax and Refuel– Have you taken enough time to chill?  

After all of your hard work, it may be time to unwind, hang out with family, call and old friend, or catch up on the latest episode of Scandal before a Facebook friend spoils the ending. Though we sometimes forget, relaxing is just as important as all the other tasks on the list.

Fellow bloggers, what high-priorities make you most productive as a blogger?

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  • This is such a good reminder! I’m just putting together a “blogging handbook” for myself and I’m going to add a page with my hierarchy of needs. I’ve started setting tasks to particular days and using a combination of the Zendone app, Evernote and my phone’s calendar to stick to each days tasks. It’s easy to get lost in what needs to be done, forgetting our most basic, yet essential needs.

  • I’m about to start grad school in April and wondered how I was going to juggle everything. Thank you for this post!

  • brewrites

    So necessary. I love my blog. But it’s still work and I don’t want it to suck. It’s good to take breaks and refocus. good to know other bloggers feel the same way.

  • NeoshaGEE

    This is very helpful and really necessary. I know I have trouble sometimes forgetting to take care of myself when I’m so deep into everything else. Thank you for the reminder.


  • Shae you put things in perspective in this post. Sometimes we get so caught up or head down in things we forget what we need to keep going. I definitely need to connect with my blogging tribe every once in a while to keep motivated and inspired. I find a monthly or quarterly call reinvigorates me in that way.

    Zena |


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