This Week’s Links (03/02/2015 – 03/06/2015)

this weeks links

Happy Friday!

This week, Candice organized and moderated yet another lively #BGBChat (click here if you missed that). The chat was about audience building and expansion, and it extended well beyond half an hour. It was a lot of fun!

Anyway, below are some links to posts from #BrownGirlBloggers ’round the web. Get into them!

Neosha shared her favorite eye makeup products from e.l.f. Cosmetics. And guess what? Every product she mentioned is under $5. Read the post >>>

Brittany told us about the strangest things she’s discovered since she started planning her wedding. If you’ve never planned a wedding, some of these might surprise you. Read the post >>>

Charisma reviewed NARS’ ‘Dominique’ lipstick. If you’re into mauve-y purple lipsticks that aren’t too flashy on the lips, you may be tempted to buy this one. Read the post >>>

Andrea wrote about the importance of asking ourselves what we really want. Taking time to press ‘pause’ and reassess how you’re spending your energy is crucial when juggling multiple obligations. Read the post >>>

Kiana extended an invitation for willing participants to join her in a 30-day ab challenge. The exercises look intimidating, but if you’re about that beach body life, then this is what it takes. Read the post >>>

Lanise schooled us on why it’s smart to keep a paper trail in the age of digital communication. This is sound advice for everyone, but especially bloggers and business owners since the majority of our communication happens via email. Read the post >>>

Kenya discussed why morning rituals are essential. A must-read that may change your mind about how you approach your mornings. Read the post >>>

Kristen gave us a peek into the budget for her two-week stay in Lisbon, Portugal. Surprisingly, prices for food and public transportation aren’t too far off from what you’d shell out in your average U.S. city. Read the post >>>

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